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UK Price War Rages As Asda And Amazon Slice £50 Off Wii U Cost

Posted by Damien McFerran

Basic and Premium bundles down to £199 and £249 respectively

The cries for a Wii U price cut seem to have caused a reaction, as both and UK superstore Asda have knocked £50 off the price of both Wii U bundles.

Asda — which is owned by US store Walmart — was the first to move, cutting the price of the Basic and Premium bundles down to £199 and £249 respectively. Amazon's UK arm matched the price shortly afterwards.

The move comes after other UK-based retailers — such as ShopTo and Zavvi — had previously cut prices, but on a temporary basis.

Although Nintendo doesn't stipulate retail prices in the UK, the guideline figures are £250 for the Basic and £300 for the Premium system. The company has so far remained tight-lipped about a possible price reduction in order to boost flagging sales. In the absence of action on Nintendo's part, it would appear that retailers are taking matters into their own hands to stimulate growth.

If you're in the UK, will this price drop influence your decision to pick up a Wii U console? If you already have one, do you now wish that you'd waited? Post a comment to share your opinion.


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Peach64 said:

A price drop won't help much. The standard price is fine. It says a lot that it took Zavvi nearly 24 hours to sell out of their £235 Premium units when they thought they'd be gone in seconds like amazon lightning deals do. It just needs good exclusives and it will start selling. There's no need for a major panic, but at the same time it should not be ignored that Nintendo messed this up. They showed us the console 18 months before launch but their launch games suggest they didn't have enough time to really put anything substantial out. I know big games take time, but they managed it with all previous consoles. They should have been working on Wii U games since Wii development dried up 3/4 years ago.



MAB said:

I wouldn't call WiiSports, Red Steel and Twilight Princess substantial for 10 months



luminalace said:

If this helps to sell more Wii U's in the UK, that's great. I am happy with my Wii U and the price I paid and it's certainly worth every dollar in my opinion.



Mario-Man-Child said:

The price cut will help shift stock that is not moving, I don't think it will solve the problem. I think a bigger cut is required. I live in Ireland so if I did buy from amazon for £250 that would be 290euro which is a far better prospect than the 380euro my local Argos is charging. Good ole Argos eh? Even though the euro has gained ground on sterling they reckon £300 is equal to 380euro when it is really £300 = 346euro. So you could save 100euro there if you wanted. Still a lot of money for a console with no hard drive, with the same power as a PS3, that hasn't many games, has a funny controller that I'm not sure about.



cornishlee said:

Agreed, money is not the main issue. Without wanting to appear too cocky, most people willing to pay £250 for a console are also able to pay £300 for a console even if they'd rather pay less. Games will drive sales.



rjejr said:

For people over 20 it will drive sales based on the belief that people over 20 only buy stuff when it is on sale regardless of the worth of it's initial price. (See the JCPENNEY Story over the past year.)

Target (US) is giving a $50 GC with either system next week. I'm seriously considering buying one now. Know why? B/c it's on sale (My 5% discount doesn't hurt either.)

Though I still might not, b/c as everybody else has said - no games. If we get a release date for Pikmin 3 in the next 10 days I'll probably buy 1.



DePapier said:

I was about to say how @Peach64 already explained in a previous article comment how a price drop isn't going to change anything if there aren't games to play, but I was beaten to that... At least, it's good to see those UK retailers bringing that price drop they yearned by their own means so to face the consequences themselves.
@darkgamer001 ikr



McHaggis said:

Didn't this happen a few weeks ago? Anyway, I paid more than this for my premium bundle, so clearly I'm entitled some kind of Ambassador certificate on my Wii U along with 20 Virtual Console games - 10 from the N64 and 10 from the GameCube will do nicely.



Pj1 said:

I got my one on launch day for £300:00, to justify my purchase I sold games on eBay. You can never predict how things will go, I bought new super Mario for £45:00 I couldn't find it any way else! Then a week later telco had it for £47:00!!! & some on line places were doing it £38:00. That's what annoyed me more, it seems like there is no consistency on pricing. I thought when the wii u came it would be a sell out but far from it, there will be some kind of price cut from Nintendo. When?who knows and if they do can they give us some free games like they did with the 3ds.



jacksayspurple said:

If this were to drop once more, even just by £20 or something like that, then I will definitely be snapping up a Wii U. Unfortunately, for now, £250 is still too much for a poor student like myself...



AlexSora89 said:

Funny how price cuts help Nintendo fans who want to buy a Wii U, but at the same time could potentially damage Nintendo, which would in turn damage Nintendo fans. It's a lose-lose scenario!



GiftedGimp said:

As it says in the Article, Nintendo only offer a recommended retail price here in the UK, its up to retailers to set prices and es be honest most retailers will sell hat the highest price they think they can get away with.

As for increasing sales of the WiiU it's not going to be just a lower price of the hardware thats going to increase sales, exclusive games are needed and Nintendo need to get advertising the system, getting the message across that the tablet controller is more than a gimmick and that the WiiU is more powerfull than the current gen systems.

If Nintendo can get some adverts out showing graphics in games that really show the capabilities of the machine, aswell as how the Controller adds to gameplay then when the nextbox/ps4 prices are revealed, (which will be higher), with exception of the fanboys a lot of gamers will see that once you take the pro's & con's of each system into account The WiiU will be a viable option.

Nintendo just Need to start advertising, Maybe they are preparing for a blitz campaign once they have some stunning looking, High Profile 1st party titles ready.



cornishlee said:

Just keep on eye on sites like SavyGamer. I paid £220 for a new premium bundle at the end of December (from Zavvi). Currently Amazon are offering them "like new" for £221 or with "cosmetic damage" at £197. I've bought "cosmetic damage" goods from Amazon in the past and it usually means that the box has been damaged somehow - in other words the brand new goods inside are fine - but be sure to look at the small print.



Dpullam said:

A price cut in the USA could certainly help sway my mind but I don't think it is needed. The games will speak for themselves by the time I'm ready to own a new console. Especially games like Pikmin 3 and the Windwaker remake.



TotalHenshin said:

Like most, I think games are what's needed first, and a price-cut should likely follow. They're likely just wanting to hold off on a price-cut any time soon, lest they feel compelled with doing a WiiU "ambassador" program, and then just get pegged as the gaming company that does that.



Zombie_Barioth said:

We'll have to wait and see it it helps any. If it does then obviously the price is a concern, if not then at least people might be tempted to pickup an extra game or something.



jayblue said:

i would be lost without my gamepad now if u dont own one buy one now playing games on pad is class,what will they think off next sliced bread.



Chabbox said:

God damnit!
Just bought a Wii U, and can't get a refund now.
REALLY hope they give us credit like they did 3DS owners,
that would be awesome, seeing as i would get a refund now if i could



AJWolfTill said:

1st, bought my Wii U off ebay last week for less than that, it was in exellent condition and I love it to bits.
2nd, this price is now in line with what is being charged in the US, everyone complaining about it being too expensive in the UK had more grounds than those in other territories.
3rd, we won't get any embassador time deals because this price cut was not affiliated with Nintendo.
I really hope this does boost sales as it it a fantastic machine, however I've only had mine a short time so the games drought hasn't caught me yet.



misswliu81 said:

a price cut is necessary to shift more units, but i do think nintendo needs to promote and advertise the wii U and the games more often. speaking of games, more wii U titles need to be released as well.



Gameday said:

I hate when they do this price drop BS , they should credit everyone that bought the system at full price specially if they are going to do it this early.



WWammy said:

Hmm I don't think dropping the price would help for people that are not Nintendo fans. I mean personally I want one as a replacement for my current Wii I would transfer my virtual console games and play my Wii games upscaled 1080i or 720p whatever they support so price drop for me would be great.
However look at it from everyone else's perspective there are no great 1st party Nintendo games yet and the 3rd party games they have are available elsewhere cheaper on rival consoles that includes both the consoles and the games.
Games make a console and nothing in terms of Wii U specific games have grabbed my attention yet all I know is they are on the way so from my perspective there is no rush I already have loads of games to play on other consoles



Henmii said:

"Although Nintendo doesn't stipulate retail prices in the UK"

I wish they did! Some retailers are really ripping people of here in Europe!!

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