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Resident Evil Revelations "Infernal Mode" on Wii U Looks Hard as Hell

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We need a bigger gun...

While it's not quite the new series entry we may have been hoping for, Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U does take an excellent 3DS title, add some additional characters for the online co-op mode and apply a lick of HD paint. While we need to see it in action and sample its GamePad controls to get a better idea of whether this is a notable step-up from the handheld version, it could be a welcome second opportunity for those that haven't delved into the portable adventure.

While the confirmed changes so far aren't necessarily anything to blow minds, Capcom has released a trailer to show off the new "Infernal Mode"; judging from the text that appears suggesting Casual or Normal modes, this may be taking the place of the Hell difficulty setting from the 3DS entry. Unlike that Hell option, which is available after completion and makes the same enemies faster and harder to put down, Infernal Mode looks set to simply stack the odds up against you to an insane degree.

The footage shows items being moved around and the addition of lots of extra enemies, in some cases with the toughest beasts appearing in worryingly narrow corridors. Less survival horror and more simply survival, it does look to be a little brutal, as well as throwing in the odd scare with visual effects to summon previously invisible enemies.

You can see the trailer below; are you tough enough for this mode?

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XXIV said:

I mean... Words cannot describe how scared I would be if that had happened in the 3DS version.



Shanksta said:

Wow, that looks crazy. The more I see for the WiiU this the more I'll probably buy it eventually even though I already have the 3DS one.



3Daniel said:

I hope it sells well enough to show capcom that revelations was a much better direction for the series then 6im was.



WaveGhoul said:

Wow, how unexciting........Unless Infernal mode supported pointer controls!



ejamer said:

Fantastic game. Still my favorite 3DS release so far.

I'd re-buy for the new campaign mode and updated graphics if I had a console it was being released on. Hope it finds a receptive audience on HD consoles, as apparently 3DS sales weren't awesome.

To everyone who likes action/horror but skipped this game for some reason: shame on you!



Ryno said:

SInce the 3DS is for kiddies, j/k(but I don't have one), I am definitely interested but will wait until this price drops like it is hot.



Dpishere said:

Cool, will likely pick this game for the Wii U since I haven't gotten around to purchasing the 3ds version.



Dpullam said:

I was considering getting this for the 3DS but now I think I will wait and get it on the Wii U. I'd much rather play it on a big screen.



SpaceApe said:

I wonder how much they will be selling this old game for. Sixty bucks anyone ?



HawkeyeWii said:

Still don't know if I will get this yet. It is looking to be one of the best Wii U games so far, but I already have the 3DS version. hmmm :/



ejamer said:

Tough call between big screen, HD graphics, and extra modes on Wii U versus portable, much cheaper, and 3D visuals on the 3DS. Really, you can't go wrong with either choice.

Will the Wii U release have off-screen play available?



AceTrainerBean said:

Resident Evil revelations was my favorite resident evil after 4! can't wait to play it on Wii U =L I love the 3ds version just finished a online game there and I am nearly completed hell mode!



shake_zula said:

It looks pretty good. I tend to stay away from most third person shooters though, it feels clumsier than first person shooting and you have a big character blocking a lot of the screen... although that didn't stop me from enjoying Dead Space and Gears of War, so I guess if it's released in a quiet window I'll probably pick it up.



Yosher said:

@shake_zula If this game is like the 3DS version you can choose to play in first-person mode. Though I personally Prefer third-person myself.

I will certainly give this difficulty a try sometime!



Pichuka97 said:

Now I really want this for Wii U. This could be as scary as playing the original RE!!



WaveGhoul said:

Don't know if you're being serious or not, but they are sad times for me! Really though, the time Capcom spent on this silly 'Infernal Mode' they could of instead incorperated Pointer controls as an alternate control scheme. Is it so much to ask? Going back to dual analog isn't a step forward, it's a complete step backwards...It just isn't fun to me anymore.

It was part of the reason among many(Mindless shootout episodes, anime-esque convoluted plot, uninteresting villian, Terrible characters such as Keith & the point dexter, that Conan Obrien lookalike Cop ect.) why RE:Revelations was a bit of a dissapointment



Ren said:

wait it's going to WiiU without pointer controls? that's too bad. I don't care about difficulty really. I guess I'll get it for another console then. I love the 3DS one, but I'm not about to get a WiiU for this without pointer controls. Great game, but it looks like it was prioritized for other consoles and ported to Wii U if theres no Wii-mote pointers. (am I the only one who doesn't give a rat's a@# about having inventory on a little screen at all times?)

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