While it's not quite the new series entry we may have been hoping for, Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U does take an excellent 3DS title, add some additional characters for the online co-op mode and apply a lick of HD paint. While we need to see it in action and sample its GamePad controls to get a better idea of whether this is a notable step-up from the handheld version, it could be a welcome second opportunity for those that haven't delved into the portable adventure.

While the confirmed changes so far aren't necessarily anything to blow minds, Capcom has released a trailer to show off the new "Infernal Mode"; judging from the text that appears suggesting Casual or Normal modes, this may be taking the place of the Hell difficulty setting from the 3DS entry. Unlike that Hell option, which is available after completion and makes the same enemies faster and harder to put down, Infernal Mode looks set to simply stack the odds up against you to an insane degree.

The footage shows items being moved around and the addition of lots of extra enemies, in some cases with the toughest beasts appearing in worryingly narrow corridors. Less survival horror and more simply survival, it does look to be a little brutal, as well as throwing in the odd scare with visual effects to summon previously invisible enemies.

You can see the trailer below; are you tough enough for this mode?

[via capcom-unity.com]