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Metroid Prime Developer Working On 2D Platformer For Mobile Formats

Posted by Damien McFerran

Wii U eShop edition could be on the horizon

Sunbreak Games is a studio founded by former Retro staffer Jason Behr, who worked as lead level designer on the Metroid Prime series during his time with the company and can also list Halo 4 on his résumé. Behr has gotten in touch to let us know about his studio's next project, a 2D platform adventure by the name of Buddy & Me.

The game is looking for funding on Kickstarter, with a target goal of $40,000. It's almost at $10,000 with 23 days remaining.

A dream-like 2D "endless runner" with gorgeous visuals and a unique "buddy system", Buddy & Me is something of a departure from Behr's usual output.

Here's a official synopsis:

As the boy falls asleep each night, a strange transformation takes place. A mysterious golden light appears outside, the bedroom shakes, and it feels like the entire house is being lifted upwards. Startled, he sits up and looks out the window, only to see a giant, familiar orange face looking in, with a wide-eyed friendly grin, beckoning him to come out and play. Smiling, the boy grabs his hoodie, opens the door, and steps into the light… he suddenly realizes his room is no longer in his home, but suspended high in the treetop canopy, the first of an endless series of treehouse platforms and bridges leading deep into the enchanted forest. Night after night, dream after dream, the boy returns to this enchanted place. It’s here that he meets and plays with his best friend, a magical flying creature named Buddy, a loyal companion that watches over him. Together they run, jump, glide, swing, bounce, and fly through the night, racing as far as they can before waking.

Understandably, we asked Behr is a Wii U eShop version was a possibility. While it's not on the cards at present, Behr did say that it was something that he and his team at Sunbreak Games were thinking about:

Regarding Wii U, that’s a great question, you’re not the first to ask. I’m personally a fan of what the Wii U’s trying to bring to the living room console experience (it’s conceptually very similar to how the DS evolved the handheld experience), and what kind of gameplay experiences the extra touch-screen interface might bring. I’m also happy to read about Nintendo’s recent loosening of their indie developer requirements.

But at the moment, Sunbreak is still a very small indie team with limited resources, so we have to pick our battles very carefully. Each additional platform beyond the initial iOS release takes more time, money, testing hardware, special-case assets, etc… So, yes it’s a possibility if things are wildly successful (either via Kickstarter or initial sales), but right now our #1 priority is focusing team resources 100% towards a quality release on tablet/mobile, before considering expansion to traditional consoles.

Buddy & Me certainly looks very appealing — is it the kind of project you would consider backing, if only to ensure that a Nintendo version could happen in the future? Post a comment to tell us.


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DreamOn said:

Yay PNW! And very very cool stuff. Love the visuals. Would love an eShop release as I dislike gaming on my iPad. Good luck to this former Retro director it all looks great!



DreamOn said:

Totally got that early 90s cartoon feel. The gorgeous background art reminds me of The Raccoons. Liking it.



GameLord08 said:

That was absolutely beautiful. It's wonderful to see how much work and inspiration has gone into this game so far. This is what I call talent.

Personally, I'd rather have this on iPhone/iPad as it seems more suited to that kind of accessibility (or 3DS even), but the Wii U definitely shouldn't miss out on this one. Off-TV play would also be a great addition. I hope they make the Kickstarter!



CoffeeWithGames said:

"Understandably, we asked Behr is a Wii U eShop version was a possibility. While it's not on the cards at present..."
Just raise the KS goal like everybody else, and call it a day?

Was this done before GDC, and the Nintendo Web stuff?

Just makes me wonder why he/they would reach out to a Nintendo based site about the game, if they aren't planning it for the Wii U/3DS. Kind of odd...

As for the video and what was shown, I need to see more gameplay footage to really know what they're going for.
When I read, "2D platform adventure" I was curious, but then I saw "A dream-like 2D "endless runner"", so the video should convey either a more standard 2D platformer, or the "endless runner" portions. I just didn't really get the "endless runner" feel from the clips in the video.

As for the "treehouse" idea/theme, I like it a lot, being that I might of had one/two growing up...(they should all have secret/trap doors!)



Barbiegurl777 said:

@MrSRArter & @PixelRoy

I got the same feeling about the 1990's. It is just me or were those two characters used before in either a cartoon or a movie I can't remember but the little boy & the animal he's riding look's very familiar from the 1990's era.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Damo said:

@Savino @Strongo9 What makes you say that? Just because this isn't an action title set in space? Being Nintendo fans, I would have assumed you'd know better than most that cute titles like this can often provide a stronger emotional experience than an action-heavy FPS. I for one think this looks great, and sincerely hope that Jason and his team are successful with their Kickstarter and will one day be able to bring this to the Wii U, or even the 3DS eShop.



Melkaticox said:

" Jason Behr, who worked as lead level designer on the Metroid Prime series during his time with the company and can also list Halo 4 on his résumé"
Talking about misused talent.

Hey @Damo, you may want to see Grant Kirkhope says some interesting things about some old N64 games and shows interest in developing a Banjo-Threeie for the Wii U.



Ultra64 said:

I would buy this~ Friendship element reminds me of A Boy and His Blob~ This game has a Boy and His Buddy~ lol



LonDonE said:

the guy goes from being involved in making some of the greatest games of all time,with the metroid prime trilogy,creating a whole new genre,the first person action adventure, then goes on to make a grat halo game,which is my opinion is one of the best in the franchise,after combat evolved an halo 2, an now hes doing this, LMAO!!!!! am not dissing the game,am just surprised how he went from creating some of the greatest games of all time,to this!



Dpullam said:

This could be very interesting. I would need to see more of this game to give any judgement on it though.



Neram said:

Visually this looks pretty amazing, but I'm not a huge fan of endless runners. They seem like an easy way to make a platformer by using touch screen controls, not having too many inputs cluttering up the screen, which is great, but I like traditional level design styles where the levels become part of your muscle memory.

But that's just me, I'm sure there are lots of people who like endless runners, and this game looks fantastic in that regard. I hope it reaches it's goal so it can be fully realized.



Zodiak13 said:

@Damo I have to agree with you on this one.I enjoy games that have a lot of meaning to the develpment teams that create them. Even if the game isn't perfect, the care put in usually shines through and often those titles become my favorites. I too live in PNW, Western Washington, and he is right about the inspiration you can get from this areas beauty. I wish them the best of luck, although I hope they bring to any of the e-shops, since I don't even own a cell phone and don't have a tablet.



AbeVigoda said:

Nice to see that Michael Phelps got a new job in game development now that his swimming career is over



aaronsullivan said:

He didn't CREATE Metroid Prime, he designed levels for it. He also didn't CREATE Halo 4, he worked on it. This is the project of a smaller team in which ever member has a huge amount of creative control and that is FAR more personally satisfying than being a cog in a clock whose overall design is by someone else.

I'm not super excited about the premise yet. It still feels like a typical runner, but his heart seems to be in the right place and visual design is very appealing.



Moviefan2k4 said:

When i first read Jason's name on the credits for the first "Prime" game, I thought he was the actor from "Roswell".



TheRegginator said:

It looks like the Kickstarter campaign is going to fall through. Good. They'll have more human resources to put towards the 2D Batman game coming out.

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