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Guide: Transferring Your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Save Data

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sweaty palm time

As those of you currently diving Jaggi Helm-first into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate no doubt already know, Capcom — and various retailers — have been encouraging you to buy two copies of the game. Naturally one is for Wii U and the other is for 3DS, with the big selling point being that you can transfer your save data between both versions and seamlessly pick up where you left off on the other system. That means that whether you're slouched in an armchair wearing pajamas or on the bus to work/school/friend's house who also has Monster Hunter, you can continue to smite beasts and grind regardless.

This is made possible thanks to the free 3DS app, snappily titled Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program; yet as it's only been made available on the respective release dates in North America and PAL regions, we've been unable to test it fully until now. As always we want to make you happy, dear readers, so having gone through the process we'll outline how it's done, including some important tips to minimise potential issues.

For starters, read this guide, then read the electronic manual for the app, read the guide again and then seek legal consul. Going into this we were transferring a 46-hour save back and forth, so we have no shame in admitting that we prayed to any gods that would listen and sold our soul to the devil. Thankfully, our caution paid off, and below is your step-by-step guide to enjoy a similar level of success.

Wii U to 3DS transfer

Let's start with some key points before jumping into the transfer. When it comes to this process, one set of saves is all you need. The app may be on 3DS, but in order to transfer from Wii U to 3DS you need to clear all save data from your 3DS game; if your first transfer is from 3DS to Wii U, you need to do the same on the home console. To clear any save date on 3DS, go to Options and then hold L/R/X until prompted.

This tool doesn't allow you to select a save profile to move, it moves all save data. With that in mind, if you have both copies we recommend resigning yourself to one set of saves (you have three profiles, though most will only need one) that you'll continually transfer back and forth. With that clear, let's get into it.

  • Start up your copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U, and at the same time launch the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program on your 3DS.
  • Ensure that your 3DS copy has no save data.
  • In the Data Transfer app, go into options and ensure that Data Backup is On, it's a useful measure to take.
  • Select Data Transfer on the Wii U game and Transfer Save Data on the 3DS app.
  • Select Wii U to Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS app.
  • Select your Wii U system name on the following screen (hit Y to search again if it hasn't appeared), and hit A.
  • The transfer will begin with a cute animation, and should take no more than a minute.
  • When the transfer is complete, simply hit Start on the 3DS app and then quit, while B on the Wii U game will take you back to the front menu.
  • If you try to play your game on Wii U after the transfer it'll advise that save data won't update on the 3DS version (obviously); we suggest leaving it well alone and transferring data back to Wii U before playing the home console version again.
  • Open up your 3DS copy, and your save data will await.

The good thing is that everything will be exactly as you expect, with the exception of your touch screen panel layout. This is lost in the transfer process, so you'll need to set it up each time you transfer — the virtual D-Pad is a must! All of your progress in Moga Village and Port Tanzia will be up to date; it's all exactly the same, except for the online multiplayer option (without the Wii U LAN adapter and separate app). You can go ahead and carry on your game with confidence.

3DS to Wii U transfer

The process for 3DS to Wii U transfer is largely the same, except you do not need to remove or alter the Wii U save data. If you've left the home console data alone after the first transfer, it'll still be there, and when you move from 3DS to Wii U it'll detect that the save data is "linked" and update accordingly. As we've already stated, tamper with the Wii U data and attempt a subsequent transfer at your own risk. Below are the tweaked instructions for moving the data from 3DS to Wii U:

  • Start up your copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U, and at the same time launch the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program on your 3DS.
  • In the Data Transfer app, go into options and ensure that Data Backup is On, it's a useful measure to take.
  • Select Data Transfer on the Wii U game and Transfer Save Data on the 3DS app.
  • Select Nintendo 3DS to Wii U on the 3DS app.
  • Select your Wii U system name on the following screen (hit Y to search again if it hasn't appeared), and hit A.
  • The transfer will begin with a cute animation, and should take no more than a minute.
  • You'll be asked whether you want "Set extended data save settings..." on the Wii U - this includes Guild Cards and Hunters for Hire, so always say Yes.
  • When the process is complete, simply hit Start on the 3DS app and then quit, while B on the Wii U game will take you back to the front menu.
  • Load up your Wii U save and it'll have all of the progress that you added on your 3DS copy.
  • Open up your 3DS copy, the save data will be wiped and the game empty. Simply follow the Wii U to 3DS transfer process to continue on the handheld.

In Summary

Overall, once you're familiar with the process, it should take no more than five minutes from the point you turn on your Wii U, load the game as well as the 3DS app, and get started. The transfer itself is very quick, and efficient when under way. We tested the accuracy of the transfer with pleasing results; after the initial switch to 3DS we completed a quest in Port Tanzia, set a Hunter for Hire on a mission and mixed up the front page of our inventory; all details transferred flawlessly back to Wii U.

While not exactly a flawless process, it could have undoubtedly been worse; most importantly it's quick, which means that if you allow yourself a short amount of time you can shift your Wii U data to 3DS before leaving the house, and vice-versa when you return. We were pretty careful and followed the manual's instructions carefully, not willing to risk a huge investment of time to try alternatives within the setup. To avoid tears, remember:

  • Before your first transfer, delete all save data on the receiving system — if you accept that you'll move one set of saves around, you'll be fine.
  • When you transfer from Wii U to 3DS, leave your Wii U save alone, to avoid synching issues on the return transfer. Your save is deleted from the 3DS when moving back to Wii U, so the process doesn't let you make that mistake on the handheld.
  • When the transfer is happening, don't touch any power buttons or, well, any buttons. Obvious, yes, but we had to say it.
  • Set the backup option to On in the 3DS app, because it makes sense and will help preserve the 3DS data if anything goes horribly wrong.
  • All of this happens on your SD card, so keep it safe and nestled in your handheld at all times.

Overall, it's a decent process that works, and a notable first in cross-play between Wii U and 3DS. If you have any queries about this, hit us up in the comments below and we'll try to help. Happy hunting!

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User Comments (48)



BenAV said:

I'm yet to do this because I don't get my physical Wii U copy until the morning.
Until then, it's just 3DS for me, with no CPP XL which I also get in the morning. D:



BenAV said:

Good, detailed guide.
Nice to know that it's all pretty simple and works well, as this is a pretty important feature.



HeatBombastic said:

So it hasn't arrived in US yet? I saw it in the e-shop, but I couldn't download it. Could be because I can't download anything that cost money, but I downloaded free stuff before :/



ThomasBW84 said:

@HeatBombastic It's certainly available in the European shop, and I think I've read it's in the NA equivalent too. Remember it's in the 3DS eShop (not Wii U), and should be there if you search for "data transfer" or go to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate channel on the front page of the store. It's not in the area for the game download, but has its own individual option



Sjoerd said:

You can find it by selecting the Monster Hunter banner in the main page, from both 3DS and Wii U eShop.



Portista said:

Me and my brother will be sharing the same 3DS and Wii U, but each want a different profile. Is that possible? Because you said you can only have one save....



BenAV said:

@Portista You have three characters (so you can both have one), but all three will be transferred between the two games together.
You can't pick and choose which profiles to transfer.



RoryLee said:

Thanks! I typed in Data Transfer and it took me right to it. Time to hunt some Monsters on the big screen!



belmont said:

So you need an extra app and more than 5 minutes. It is simply stupid and outdated. Why is it so hard to do it automatically? When I start Motorstorm RC on either Vita or PS3 it automatically finds the latest savegame and you can play in a couple of seconds. In Metal Gear and Blazblue you just upload your save from PS3 or Vita and download later on the other console from the main menu. It takes 10 seconds only (PS Plus is not needed)!

As for the game I wanted the Wii U pack but it is expensive (419 euros)...



erv said:

When I saved a picture on my iphone 2 years ago, it was on my ipad within 5 seconds. When I edited that one on my ipad and saved it, it was on my iphone, updated and all, as well as on my mac, updated and all.

In other words: cloud integration. The save share feature is nice, but the user hassle should have been eliminated. This is an outdated process.



shingi_70 said:

Seems pretty complicated for something that could be achieved quicker and easier with cloud integration. But alas Nintendo is always five years behind on something's.



AhabSpampurse said:

@belmont seriously dude? How busy are you that you can't take a few moments to do this? Yeah, it could be more streamlined, but you know what? They didn't have to include it, and I for am grateful.



goblinpunk said:

So I am kind of confused about this. Really wish they would let you move single saves versus being forced to move all three.

If I transfer my saves to the 3ds, then my friend creates a save on the 3ds, then we transfer the saves back to the wii u, can we play together locally using my 3ds and the wii u?

Or a better question may be where is the 3ds saving the data when playing multiplayer with a wii u locally?

I want to be able to transfer my wii u save to the 3ds for on the go play but also be able to use the 3ds for friends to play with me with the wii u...



Portista said:

That's great, but me and my brother were wanting to play together, one of us on Wii U and the other on 3DS, but it seems that one of us will not get the items he gets after playing together. Is there a way to get around this? Can you transfer on save file (that contains 3 profiles) instead of eliminating all save files? :/



Portista said:

In other words, if I use a different save file (as in, a different set of 3 proifles) than my brother, can you just transfer one save file, or does it remove and copy all save files at once?



Jukilum said:

@AhabSpampurse It is needlessly complicated and seemingly risky. I can (grudgingly) accept some peoples' opinion of "Nintendo didn't have to do anything" when it comes to things like lame Club Nintendo rewards, but when this is an advertised featured of a rather expensive purchase ($100 in the US when you buy both versions) then they are obligated to provide a decent service.



RoryLee said:

Have the complainers even done a transfer yet? It worked perfectly fine and it did not take long at all.



goblinpunk said:


Agreed. This was an advertised service so they do have an obligation. I really have no clue why they wouldn't let you transfer single saves though. I would be pretty upset if I had started a game on the 3ds and wii u and be forced to lose one of the saves since they did not warn people of that and the process was delayed.



ejamer said:

Cloud integration? No thanks!
I like knowing the process will work when servers are shut down, thanks.

Also, complainers exist no matter what. They are entitled to their opinions, just like I'm entitled to ignore them. Suggest others do the same.



ohhaime said:

It's because the Wii U didn't even exist when the 3DS game was made . You can't make a game function with something that you don't even know about.It's really surprising they could get it to work at all.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Portista Hi, as I said in the guide, unfortunately it moves all profiles at once. I put that on the guide based on the manual, but I just tried it with an extra "test" save, and it does just move all save content with no way to choose an individual profile. That's one of the reasons why I ultimately said it could have been better.

In terms of cloud storage and save transfers, while the process could be a tad more intuitive and quicker, this uses local wireless and, therefore, doesn't need you to have an active online connection whenever you want to do a transfer. In that respect, your internet being down won't stop you moving the data. Both methods have pros and cons, but ultimately I think this is a decent option for those that can make the most of it.



goblinpunk said:

Been doing a little digging and I thought I should share. I haven't personally tried this but it may be possible to get a work around if you already have save data on both systems or want to share a system in the respect that I posted about earlier

Someone has posted that you can create a second Nintendo ID on your wii u and transfer the saves from the 3ds onto that and still be able to use your saves there and then transfer the other save back to the 3ds as needed for another person. Kind of complicated process but it should work.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

This kind of cross play is always a welcome addition.
Good to see capcom learned something from their involvement With MGS PW (which coincidentally was also MH related).



element187 said:

@Jukilum ""Nintendo didn't have to do anything" " just an FYI this software, both the game and transfer utility isn't Nintendo's idea, this is purely Capcom.... Before we blame Nintendo, we should point fingers at Capcom first and foremost.

When Nintendo creates the same interoperability between 3ds and the Wii U for the next Smash Brother, then we can come down on them for messing something up.



element187 said:

@RoryLee I think the "complainers" just don't like transfering all three saves at once, and wish it allowed us to choose the individual character we would like to transfer..... I purposely bought a 3DS XL and a copy of MH3U for both systems just so me and brother can do local coop when he decides to come over.

The only way I can see to get around this is to have a seperate SD card that I can use when he comes over.... but thats a pain. Hopefully capcom would update this. I understand why they lock the profiles, just so people don't start transferring massive amounts of items between each other just to easily farm currency... Surely just locking the individual profile of the single character that was transferred would protect against this, no?



element187 said:

@goblinpunk "I would be pretty upset if I had started a game on the 3ds and wii u"

LOL, I already did this, I recieved a copy of bothgames and started a character on both... thankfully I only had about an hour or so in my 3DS character and 10 on my Wii U character, so choosing the 1 hour old character to be sacrificed wasn't too big of a deal.



Portista said:

Sorry for asking again, I just want to get this straight. When you transfer data, it transfers every single save on the entire game? Not just a save slot containing three profiles? If so, that is a HUGE letdown.



Portista said:

Because in Tri, you could have a total of 12 profiles; 4 slots, and 3 per slot, so I guess I'm just wondering if it moves all the save slots.



SuperMario85 said:

Someone needs to tell me if this game is really worth it. The controls are awkward but the game on the 3ds is visually stunning (I don't own a Wii U). I'm stuck between getting this, Luigi's Mansion, and Fire Emblem. What should I get?



AhabSpampurse said:

@jukilum I wholeheartedly agree. And considering it's not fundamentally broken, I feel they've obliged in providing a decent service. Just because something isn't exceptional doesn't mean it isn't decent.



tanasten said:

I was planning to use the 3DS version to play along the WiiU version for local multiplayer. If the save file from the 3DS OVERWRITES the save file from the WiiU, then the progress made from the player on the WiiU will be lost even it's from a different profile?

That's just horrible...



klautrec said:

The problem for me is: I want to play on both systems, but also multiplayer with my brother on the WiiU using my 3DS. If I transfer the Data from WiiU to my 3DS, he won't be able to begin his game, not to metion that while i'm off home he can't play the game because there will be no data. I think for the sake of multiplayer I'll have my WiiU save and my 3DS save, I won't be transfering data. =/ which means I have to play it twice, LOL



klautrec said:

@tanasten Unless, (that's what i'm hoping for) the save on WiiU is not shared between accounts. I hope when my brother logs into his account on WiiU his save file will be there, alone. And once I log into my Nintendo ID my save file will also be unique to me. If its shared, the multiplayer will be screwd :/



tanasten said:

@Klautrec. That's what I understood from the article and the comments. I also tried to do a copy from the file of the player profile, but THEY DON'T ALLOW NEITHER TO COPY THE SAVE DATA OF A PROFILE. In fact, you have to copy the WHOLE game data, including the game itself if downloaded from the eShop, the updates and the profiles' data, which are more than 6 GB.

How in the world Nintendo doesn't allow to copy just the save files!? Tonight I'll test the local multiplayer, and if the progress of one player gets lost, I'll be asking the money back at least. We're paying more tha 100€ to play local multiplayer and this looks absolutely horrible, to sell away the WiiU and nit buy a Nintendo system evermore.



tanasten said:

Yay, GOOD NEWS MATES. I checked and found that the file transfer only affects the profile you used on the WiiU during the transfer. So I and my wife have been able to play together in local wireless, each with our profiles/save data, and after finishing I did transfered my save file back to the WiiU and her files were fine, with the items earned during our multiplayer game

So the data transfer only affects to the active profile on the WiiU. Not bad then



mongosaurus said:

This might be a weird question, and it's most likely not many are in the same situation as myself, but..
Is it possible to transfer data between a Wii U and a 3DS that are from different regions? can anyone confirm this please?



Funny_Moblin said:

I would greatly appreciate if somebody answers this.

So can I have one 3DS file for transferring, and another for my brother to play with me in multiplayer while I play on the Wii U?



tanasten said:

@Funny_moblin. As far as you copy the files on your brother wiiu's profile and you kepps your's on your profile, you'll have no problems.

If you got both files on the 3DS, both will be copied on each profile. Then, you can delete the ones you don't use on the WiiU, and you'll tranferlater on to the 3DS the files for you or your brother. You can't keep both profiles syncronized on the 3DS, you'll need to copy your profile whenever it's your turn



Funny_Moblin said:

Ah I see, thanks. Sounds like a smart work-around but sounds pretty...bumpy, with some minor risks but I'm glad there is a way.

I do hope though that Capcom fixes this and only transfers one save file. But I doubt they will change that, due to their benefit of gaining more money.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

As someone has pointed out already, this is Capcom's app not Nintendo's so it's rather peculiar that people are pointing fingers at the wrong company lolz.



Hamguar said:

@Portista actually, if you make a separate Wii U NNID profile, the one when you first turn on your Wii U, you can switch with your bro. Wife and I play and we switch it up no problem at all.



mazao21 said:

Hey NL Comunity,
I am new here and so far Im loving this site, my question would be if its possible to do this if I have a american 3DS and a German WiiU (I now live in Germany... so yeah)?



Kamikazie said:

Can you transfer data from one Wii u onto the 3ds, then from the 3ds to a different wii u? Without deleting the data from the first Wii u?

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