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Fri 30th Mar 2012

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SuperMario85 commented on Guide: Transferring Your Monster Hunter 3 Ulti...:

Someone needs to tell me if this game is really worth it. The controls are awkward but the game on the 3ds is visually stunning (I don't own a Wii U). I'm stuck between getting this, Luigi's Mansion, and Fire Emblem. What should I get?



SuperMario85 commented on This New Super Mario Bros. 2 Course Pack Will ...:

The video said last round of DLC for NSMB2? Makes me think the courses are already on the cart. I enjoyed the free coin rush pack but, it should only be $20 for all the coin rush packs now that they're all released. Can't wait to get them.



SuperMario85 commented on 3DS Remake Of Dragon Quest VII Features Visibl...:

I prefer visible encounters, it doesn't matter much to me depends on the game. I liked the way they did that with Dragon Quest 9. I hope this has a US release as well. There are still Dragon Quest fans here and all over the world!.