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Pwnee Studios: Nintendo Has Been Great To Work With

Posted by Damien McFerran

Cloudberry Kingdom studio is "pumped" about working with The Big N

The general feeling from Wii U eShop developers seems to be that Nintendo is a pretty decent company to work with. Cloudberry Kingdom developer Pwnee Studios has reinforced this viewpoint in an interview with Aussie Gamer, where company co-founder TJ Lutz said:

Nintendo has been great to work with so far!

We were raised playing the NES and SNES, so when we got the chance to develop our game for the Wii U, we were pumped! We really haven't had many issues with Nintendo, and they have been very helpful whenever we have had a problem.

In terms of getting the game onto the eShop, it has gone pretty smoothly. We presented the game to Nintendo, they liked it, and they said we should go onto the eShop. All we had to do was agree!

You can read our own interview with the studio here.

We've seen an avalanche of new indie titles confirmed for the eShop, including Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails, Another Castle, The 90's Arcade Racer and Cryamore. The system is becoming a real haven for small-scale developers, and when you hear studios talk so highly of Nintendo, it's pretty obvious why.


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Chunky_Droid said:

I'm going to Tweet and Facebook this as there's a link to my interview here

Thanks for reading Damo! I hope people enjoy the interview I did with Pwnee, they are a lovely bunch of people!



Nintenjoe64 said:

It's great that so many indie devs are happy with the Wii U but I do wish they would come up with some unique experiences that only the Wii U could do.

I wish someone would make a decent hack and slash game with wii motion plus!



Chunky_Droid said:

@Drobotic: They said they'll be announcing the release date very soon, they were hit with delays due to Hurricane Sandy last year, without power for a week and having to walk 2 hours to and from work every day due to there being no functioning subway system.

If I had to guess the game should come out late March early April, but that's just an educated guess



Norfair said:

Can't wait for Cloudberry Kingdom, good to hear Nintendo is being helpful.



XCWarrior said:

I'll take all the Indy devs over Ubicrap, Shovelvision and Emmitating Arts. Indy devs are far more likely to think outside the box for games, and not shove the same franchise at us year after year. So PS4 and Durango can have those bums, I'll take the unique games on Wii U. It will separate itself in a good way.

Cloudberry Kingdom looks like great fun, hope we see it soon.



WiiLovePeace said:

Hopefully they make a demo of this game available so I can see if its worth me buying, since I'm kinda on the fence about this game.



Znerd said:

Wow Nintendo Is really getting it not also are we getting some great Indie Games But Even Better First Party games Keep it UP Nintendo



Cosats said:

I may be a little off-subject but I'd like to say Nintendo Life guys that you do an awesome job. Nintendo life may be like the most infomative site for Nintendo products around the internet.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Good to hear. Hopefully we'll get a ton of indie support before too long.

Also, can't wait for Cloudsberry Kingdom!



Solatorobo said:

The Eshop is shaping up to be the secret weapon of the Wii U, with the uniqueness of the controller and the support of indie developers, the Wii U should find itself a rather good niche aside from the standard Nintendo fanbase.

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