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Super Mario Bros. Theme Gets The Rock Treatment

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Metal rock, that is

It's Monday, the Holiday season is well and truly over, and despair may be the feeling of the day. Still, fear not, because YouTube has the answer to brighten your mood! No, it's not a sneezing panda, or a puppy doing the cutest things, or even a rubbish Gangnam Style routine. Oh no, it's music from Super Mario Bros. with a metal twist.

Courtesy of a talented guitarist and Youtube channel 331Erock, we have four minutes of remixed, awesome Mario music. This chap has some skills — or skillz, if you prefer — so we'll let the video do the rest.

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Ichiban said:

This guy is freakin awesome!!
I often watch his videos. My favs are Sonic goes metal, ditto Metal Gear, but my fav is his Kingdom Hearts metal mash up. I'm always left in a state of awe after watching it. I'd love to shake this guys hand, he's a legend!!



Ryon said:

Erock is definately an amazing artist!
his songs are great I can vouch for that. check out his "Kingdom Hearts Meets Metal" video. Totally top notch.



MAB said:

And seeing how Gangnam Style was mentioned in the article here is the best version you will hear this summer or winter depending on where you live

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Geonjaha said:

So we're at that point where there isn't a lot of news going around and the site needs to resort to putting up Youtube remixes from random people? Shame. :/



MAB said:

It's the end of the festive season I suppose so STFU and post a youtube music cover ROCK ON!



ThomasBW84 said:

@Geonjaha There's a fair bit of news about and still on the way, but I thought this was fun, personally! Things don't always need to be serious, right?



MasterWario said:

That definitely made me happier, so it has succeeded in it's goals!

However, technically the Christmas season started on Christmas eve, and ends on January 13.

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