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Toki Tori 2 Delayed Until Early 2013

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

This egg's not ready to hatch

Developer Two Tribes has today confirmed that it's delayed the release of Toki Tori 2 on the Wii U eShop, so it won't be arriving on 20th December. The reasoning is simple; the developer wants to make a better game.

Toki Tori 2’s a personal project for us. It’s first game we’ve made without being tied to a license or publisher, it’s something we’re putting a lot of love in, and it’s something that’s just not good enough to be released yet.

It’s also the most complete game experience we’ve developed so far; the whistle and stomp concept is rather unique, the game world is filled with all kinds of creatures, we’ve added an interactive storyline and we’ll allow you to explore the game’s world as you see fit. All these things are in the game right now, but there are so many things that could, no… should be a better that we feel we would do you a disservice to you if we release it in its current form.

So what now? We are busy making a plan to fix the the game’s current weak spots, in all categories ranging from gameplay to graphics to technology. We are not ready to commit to an exact release date at this point, but it will definitely be early in the new year.

With the promise of a sizeable game world and a substantial level editor, there's plenty of potential in this sequel. We'll just have to wait a little longer before we get to experience it properly, and we'll keep an eye out for any information on a solid release date.

Are you disappointed, or are you looking forward to an improved game with extra development time? Let us know in the comments below.


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Rapadash6 said:

Ah, fudge-cicles.

I'd rather the game be the best that it can be though, so no biggie.



evildevil97 said:

I'm disappointed (just bought added funds to the eshop in preperation for it), but it's understandable. Always better to delay it and release a superior product than rush it.



Sjoerd said:

I'm glad they have the guts to delay their project, I'm disappointed though. This was one of my most anticipated downloads..




Disappointed a bit but we've got plenty of software ro get through before then. Just get everything in order Two Tribes. Looking fwd to it



Dambuster said:

I've heard this is going to be hardcore, so won't be able to download it till midnight!!



Kohaku said:

I am disappointed about the delay and I hope that early 2013 not means Q2 like Pikmin what is also delayed.



rjejr said:

If it's good enough for Pikmin 3, it's good enough for Toki Tori 2.

Personally if I were them I'ld wait until after the holidays anyway when all the Christmas presents are unwrapped and everybody's done playing Mario and Nintendo Land and are looking for something "new" to buy.



erv said:

Make great games and I buy them, make quick games or on time games and I read about them. These guys know what they are doing, this just confirms it as a must buy for me.

Keep this game on your radar, there'll be a lot to like once it hits.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Im actually happy because I have still yet to get started on a single eShop game! This can help buy me some time!



rayword45 said:

People got fed up with other company delays, yet they actually
like this one.

If I didn't have so much respect for their games, I actually would be frustrated.



TheDreamingHawk said:

NOOOO! I so wanted it next week:( There better at least be a new Wii U ware game this month besides puddle... (AKA Fluidity rip off)



lebad said:

Take your time please
Maybe a demo (or a beta release) could be given to tell you what must be enhanced ??



Chomposaur said:

ah ... gutted was really looking forwerd to this one on the 20th, but atleast the developers are putting effort into making the game 110% and it not being broken. atleast i have the first one to keep me occupied



DeadAntelopesGo said:

Really looking foward to this game. I don't mind a push back when the developer cares about it so much. Same reasoning I have for Bioshock Infinite.



DerpSandwich said:

Obviously I want them to wait until the game's completely done, but it's definitely annoying that you can put absolutely no faith in launch/launch window dates.



Collo said:

Sorry guys! We'll be hanging out here, should there be any questions.

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