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Fri 21st Aug 2009

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Collo commented on Interview: Two Tribes Discusses RIVE, Starting...:


I don't think you got all your facts straight.

I don't think we ever said the Wii U version was the best selling.

Toki Tori 2+ costs the same and has the same content on all platforms.

'Openly presented as the least complete version?' It was given to Wii U fans first, then updated with whatever we added to later releases to make it the same experience on all platforms, for free...

We didn't just say 'no demand', we wrote a comprehensive blogpost on all the reasoning behind it.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Collo commented on Interview: Two Tribes Discusses RIVE, Starting...:

Time for some clarifications guys

Percentage wise, the eShop generates more income for our little studio when looking at all games combined. This does not make Toki Tori 2+ a success all of a sudden, it's just a comparison to the other shops.

When we still had 12 people, making an editor feature for a game that underperformed and didn't recoup even half of the costs does not make sense and could've gotten us in deeper problems than we now had to face.

We're more cautious at promising things now, so we have learned from all of this



Collo commented on Review: RUSH (Wii U eShop):

For the color blind people here: Co-Founder Martijn Reuvers is also color blind and he has approved the game for release.

I know not every colorblind person sees the same, but he has the most common one



Collo commented on Review: EDGE (Wii U eShop):

It is coming to 3DS soon! We've made it so that not only the depth changes, but also the field of view when you alter the slider. It works like a charm!



Collo commented on Developer Interview: Two Tribes Clarifies Toki...:

Thanks for getting back to me!

The solution here is to group the frogs by whistling them onto the same location, giving you enough time to stomp that one berrybug onto the ceiling. No timing required whatsoever.



Collo commented on Toki Tori 2 Top 5: Two Tribe's Favourite Creat...:


You've been paying attention! We like that

In my (Collin's) mind the porcupine is still a wussy who's easily scared. I think Niels 't Hooft wrote these little stories and he's not on the day-to-day design team. So I think he simply interpreted what ended up being in the game.

We did tone down some of his behavior (such as being afraid of Toki Tori since he was frozen by him in part 1 so many times) to make it easier to understand for the player.

Anyway, he has spikes and mows the lawn when scared



Collo commented on Two Tribes Founder: Wii U Could Become A "Casu...:

To be clear: I don't think there's anything wrong with family friendly gaming. You can take one look at Toki Tori 2 for proof

Also, kind of interesting how a tweet mistake can become a story like this. It's not like my opinion is so important or shocking, but it still seems to be picked up.



Collo commented on Toki Tori Hatches on European eShop Next Week:

Sorry GeminiSaint, missed your questions!

The game has something of a storyline with animated cutscenes that went missing when we made the WiiWare version. It also has different music and some other small changes.



Collo commented on Toki Tori Hatches on European eShop Next Week:

@ Luigi_is_better

The WiiWare version content was updated and remixed a little, but the core is basically identical.

It also has a totally unnecessary time limit and a jump button that only hops up single tiles. But that's because we didn't know what we were doing at the time

Any others?



Collo commented on Two Tribes has a Frenzic Release Planned for T...:

We'll be posting a blog about the improvements we've made sometime next week. Keep an eye out on and of course Nintendo Life for the interview.

Concerning the price, it's probably going to be 200 points. It fits the product nicely, so I think we'll end up with that.



Collo commented on Review: Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH (WiiWare):


The problem with rubiks world was that we tried to create too many games at once. RUSH is the fully developed, tweaked, expanded and polished bigger brother of one of that games.

We think RUSH is a great stand alone game, and this review seems to agree! So why not use this info to make your decision, instead?



Collo commented on HD Wii - Is It Coming? Depends Who You Ask:

I am very much sure of that. The PC emulator requires multiple times the processor and graphical power on the Wii to be able to run some of the games decently at a higher resolution. If Nintendo took that approach they would have design highly powerful and expensive technology to emulate it.

Remember, the Wii is already a GameCube that has been stretched to it's limits. So pushing it any further would mean totally new hardware, and you'll get that in time, just not as a upgrade to the current Wii.



Collo commented on Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Official Trailer:

The game had received a total transformation, compared to the retail game. We have a ton more levels, new control scheme, different atyle and multiplayer rubiks modes with Wi-Fi leaderboards!

So do not mistake this for a quick port!



Collo commented on Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Official Trailer:

The controls for RUSH are easy. You use the Wii Remote to select signs and you can then place, drag or remove them as you please. You can grab the camera by pressing A and B together, or you can use the nunchuk to rotated the camera.

For the Rubik's part there are two modes to control the game, one by dragging sides with the Wii Remote and the other by using the dpad while pointing at a part of the cube.