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Nintendo Talks Miiverse, Nintendo Network, And Internet Browser

Posted by Shaan Joshi

NoA's Bill Trinen dishes on the Wii U's online functionalities

Last week, Nintendo of Japan hosted a Nintendo Direct, which focused on Miiverse and a variety of online features for Wii U. While Nintendo of America has yet to host its own streamed broadcast on the subject, it's released a new video that showcases Miiverse, Nintendo Network, and the Wii U Internet Browser, as a follow up to last week's summary of WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat.

This video, once again hosted by Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen, uses a lot of the same footage from the Japanese Nintendo Direct, but goes a bit more in-depth. You can check it out below:

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akabenjy said:

I like Bill. I love the nod to Iwata starring at the Banana with him starring at a Mandarin/Orange or whatever it is.



Bluezealand said:

I wish, they would do another Nintendo Direct. There are still so many questions, regarding the eShop, the future of Virtual Console, the separation of Wii- and eShop (permanent or not?).
I'm still not sure, whether I should transfer my Wii data to the Wii U or not. For now, I see no reason, why I should do this. For what I know, my Wii purchases won't included in my Nintendo Network ID and I only can use Wii controllers. So I have to buy Classic Controllers, because I can't use my GC-controllers nor the Wii U Pro controller? Seriously? WTF?!?



Shugo said:

@Bluezealand Yeah, I kinda feel the same way. Wii software is probably going to run in a mode similar to how Wii runs GCN games in that it will act as if it was a Wii itself and disable all Wii U functions while in this mode. As such, it will probably output unscaled 480p display, too, so there's really zero point in transferring over to Wii U unless you want to get the Wii physically out of your setup or you want to turn those unspent Wii Shop points into eShop credit.

It's really all a matter of convenience. Do you want to boot your Wii software from the Wii U without having to spend a couple minutes switching consoles? If you don't mind swapping over to original Wii, then there's probably literally no difference in gameplay experience between the two.

If they DO include Wii Shop purchases in the Nintendo Network account, then that right there will be more than enough reason to transfer for me.



MAB said:

We don't really need more info just let curiosity and surprise lead the way when you unbox, setup and play your new whiz-bang console



Chunky_Droid said:

I will be looking forward to hearing everything from my US brethren on the 18th, then when I get my console, I'll know just about everything I need!



Bass_X0 said:

Whats wrong with the Wii Classic Controller? I've had an original and Pro for years and served me very well. Its horrible playing some VC games using a Gamecube controller. The Gamecube controller is only good for N64 games.



Bluezealand said:

@Bass_X0: There's is nothing wrong with the Classic Controller (Pro), I have myself one of them. It's just, with Wii U, I'd like to upgrade on to the Wii U Pro Controller and it seems ridiculous to me, that I have to buy (nevertheless) more Classic Controllers, although the Pro Controller could do the job quite well.



triforcepower73 said:

I absolutely LOVE that the asian dude who plays nsmbu isn't smiling the whole time he's playing! He just looks like a normal gamer. Fun doesn't always make you smile.



Urbanhispanic said:

Great video overall.....wish I could say I'm getting it for sure in a couple of days because my wallet is preventing me from doing so



rjejr said:

Why does the Japanese keyboard have english letters? Do all Japanese people type like that? Seems odd.

I wonder if the Nintendo servers are ready for Christmas morning with all the ID creation and DL updates N is requiring.

Those HD Mii's in Nintendo Land don't look half bad. They almost look like Lego people. Guess they'll do.



thiagoauler said:

@rjejr I think it's more practical that way! Japanese language has lots of "characters". It'd be necessary a plus-sized keyboard!



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I liked the video. They didn't show people exaggerating about how cool the Wii U is.It just what an average gamer would do



GamecubeMan said:

The japanese gamer left his apartment door open
I like how Spoiler comments can be flagged, that will be appeciated.

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