There's a definite skill to carving the perfect pumpkin, but in order to make sure yours stands out from the crowd this Halloween, it's always a good idea to have some solid inspiration - and what better medium to turn to than video games?

The pumpkins shown here are some of the best examples we found online, and successfully combine the spirit of Nintendo with the year's spookiest night. Enjoy.

This Zelda effort comes from serial pumpkin carver joh-wee, who has turned the process into something akin to an art form.

This Bowser pumpkin is sure to keep pesky plumbers from dropping by your house for trick or treats.

The Triforce is strong in this Zelda-themed effort.

It's joh-wee again with a scarily accurate Squirtle.

Another good example of how to control trespassers on your property - carve Ganon's face into your pumpkin.

It's not just Nintendo characters - Capcom's Mega Man gets into the Halloween spirit, too.

Kirby's foe the Metaknight is replicated with uncanny accuracy.

Super Mario's ghostly Boo is in his element during the Halloween period.

Finally, we'll end with this amazing selection of pumpkins from the one and only joh-wee. Such talent!