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Ghosts 'n' Goblins Coming To 3DS eShop Next Week

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Ready to make your blood boil?

It may not be that Mega Man game you were hoping for (and thank god it's not Mega Man Xover), but Capcom has just announced that the NES version of Ghosts 'n' Goblins will be making its way onto the 3DS eShop on 25th October in America.

This soul-crushing side-scroller hit arcades back in 1985 and received eventual console ports that weren't quite as pretty but played just as well. Designed as a quarter muncher, the game is known for its incredible difficulty, which requires you to beat the game twice in a row in order to fight the final boss.

While there are no firm details on pricing, the game will land just in time for Halloween. While you count down the days, make sure to check out our review of the Virtual Console Arcade version.


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CrazyOtto said:

It's great to see NA getting 2 3DS VC games in one week outside of 8-bit Summer.



rayword45 said:

I would get this, except I suck so bad it'd be a waste of money especially when I choose not to focus on VC too much (GBA would change that).

And this isn't me just giving up immediately, I cannot play this game. Games like IWBTG you can learn the traps.



iBazly said:

This game might be difficult, but it's one of the few games where I can die over and over again and not be mad! So excited to have it on my 3DS!



idork99 said:

Excellent! Nice to see some good NES classics come to the 3DS! Keep 'em coming!!



RR529 said:

October 25th is looking to be a huge day for 3DS eShop enthusiasts.

  • NightSky
  • Liberation Maiden
  • Castlevania: the Adventure
  • Ghosts 'n Goblins

Surely there's no way you could say that's going to be a bad week (even if that particular Castlevania is below par, it's still a novelty for those looking into the series' past, and all those other games are top notch).



NintyMan said:

Cool, just in time for Halloween too. This game is even harder than Super Ghouls N' Ghosts on the SNES and there's even more of those diabolical red arremers. It's definitely a game to be cautious with, and I'm not so sure if I even want to try it again.



Freelance said:

I'd get it if it weren't for the fact I already have it on my PSP. They even made a brand new game on it too that I haven't gotten yet.



Royspaceghost said:

THIS shoul have been a 3D Classic, but nevermind, I'll get it anyway since I loved the GB spin-off.



ajcismo said:

What a great game, gonna have to pick this up. Totally brutal, its caused more than one NES controller to fly across the room back in the day.



RR529 said:

BTW, I won't be downloading this. Even though it's a quality game, I'm personally not a fan of NES games on 3DS VC.

I'll be too busy with NightSky & Liberation Maiden, anyways




DANG! Besides having Castlevania: The Adventure come out next week, we get this hardcore game also too. Sounds like quite the week we'll all be in for.



Kyloctopus said:

I believe this is free on iPhone. But if not, or you just don't have iOS, this is a great Capcom title that they didn't milk.



Hokori said:

With 3DS retail tomorrow and this awesome week, looks like Nintendos stepping it up and that's good because I'm tired of all the "iPhone will kill Nintendo unless they bow done to the all mighty apple"



Hokori said:

@Tsuchinoko If it make you feel better, I don't plan on buying any game released in America first, until it's released in Japan



Tsuchinoko said:

@HarmoKnight Nah, its fine. Its pretty rare for us to get a game after other regions. I think the only ones we're waiting for are Mole Mania and now Ghosts and Goblins right? I don't remember if there are others.

Chances are we'll be getting this game in the upcoming update anyway (October 31).



Tsuchinoko said:

@HarmoKnight Well next week we're getting Picross 2. I'm betting the week after we'll get Ghosts n' Goblins as our Famicom game, and possible a Game Gear game, since we didn't get one this month yet.



Norfair said:

Ghouls 'N Ghosts is my favorite game for the Genesis.
Never played another game from the series so I will be buying this one.



sc100 said:

Awesome. Ghosts n Goblins is a must-buy on any system. And you definitely feel like you've accomplished something after you beat it.

"...which requires you to beat the game twice in a row in order to fight the final boss." - I only remember this being true for Ghouls n Ghosts. Does anybody remember this being true for Ghosts n Goblins?



bezerker99 said:

/me looks at the box cover art. Is it Ghost....or Ghosts? D:

(Great game, I'll be downloading!!)



FonistofCruxis said:

@Omega I've noticed that too. Sometimes 3DS VC nes shows up in the Wii VC section. I've also noticed that Dsiware news sometimes shows up in the eshop section and eshop news sometimes shows up in the 3DS section.



LittleIrves said:

Also looking at the boxart: Love how they tout "high resolution graphics." See, Nintendo systems have been doing this for decades. (Oh wait, resolution == definition. Nevermind...)



Omega said:

@bezerker99 Well spottet. On the US boxart it says "Ghosts'n Goblins" while on the EU boxart it says "Ghost'n Goblins". I guess in the Euorpean version they only put one ghost in to save money.
@FonistofCruxis I think there's a glitch in the matrix. Which means an agent is nearby...



Megajack said:

You may be excited about this but I'm mad Crapcom put this on instead of Megaman! D:< Sure its great for Halloween but you can play this game for free on PC anyways! Plus its too hard and restore points take forever and take fun out of it! Megaman, where are you???

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