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NES Signed by Stars of The Wizard Up For Sale

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No Power Glove, unfortunately

One trick of adding value to old gaming memorabilia is to get it signed by famous people, and even if you have no intention to sell, it makes it that bit more magical. If you're going to get a Nintendo Entertainment System signed, then, you could do much worse than obtain the scrawls of the stars and director of The Wizard, a film that did much to contribute to the pop-culture representation of NES in North America and elsewhere.

If you want such an item and happen to have a spare $5000 — or a willingness to play the bidding game starting at $250 — then you should check out this new eBay listing. The seller says that they got the system signed at a tribute screening for the movie back in February 2008, which was attended by actors Fred Savage and Luke Edwards, as well as director Todd Holland; all three have signed the system, though as this is eBay you'll have to trust the word of the seller. At the time of writing there are no bids, but with six days to go that may change.

We know a lot about The Wizard here at Nintendo Life, and why not? If you want to know why this film, despite its flaws, is fondly remembered by retro Nintendo gamers, check out our feature on the making of The Wizard and our interview with its star Luke Edwards.

Meanwhile, would any of you consider buying this NES?

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Retro_on_theGo said:

Cool. I got no spare cash though. The Wizard was a nice stupid 'bad it's good' movie, but even then it wasn't that good.



JohnPhilipSousa said:

I just looked this up. I saw this (at least the end of it, maybe more though) as a wee youngin. I remember seeing that ending with a never before played game. It's ironic that I saw this much after said game was released. (Curse you being born in late 90s, CURSE YOU!



KAHN said:

sorry, but i wouldnt even consider getting this. horrible movie, so it kind of decreased the value of the system they signed on



RR529 said:

I watched for the first time a few years ago. It was good corny fun.

What first attracted me to it was when my college english professor blasted it as an example of a movie whith "a brainwashing amount of product placement", lol.



WaveBoy said:

The Wizard was pretty epic if you were actually alive or an NES crazed kid back in 90' Hell i still have a copy on VHS and now DVD. The big Disney Land SMB3 unvieling towards the end, the curious shop owner in disbelief seeing Jimmy tally up a massive amount of points on Double dragon(lol) Lucas playing Rad Racer and being the ultimate bad ass that he was with the power glove, just seeing all of those classic NES games on the big screen(TMNT, Zelda II, SMB2, Ninja Gaiden ect ect) and laughing everytime jimmy would say "Californiaaaa" And who can forget that creepy zany Video game tournament announcer haha.

Kids of today will typically shun it off because a lot of them can't open their mindand endure some light hearted goofy cheese while being sucked into one giant rad promotional vehicle for the big N. I sat down and watched it a few months ago, and the only thing i honestly disliked about it had to of been the ending. Plus i never really like Jimmy as a character because of the constant sad pouting(You'll find out the reason for this in the end) I would of rather had a mullet rocking up beat kid as Jimmy, making his way to the top.



hYdeks said:

The Wizard was a good 80's movie Was it the greatest? Noooooo, but it was a good movie

But really, this guy should have sold this on ebay YEARS ago, not in 2012

eBay was made in 1995, so he should have sold it around the release of the n64 or something



WaveBoy said:

Plus, he got it signed in '2008'If this were signed by most of the cast members including Lucas The Power Glove guru himself DURING around the time the actual film came out, than this auction may actually be worth looking into.

As is, i wouldn't drop $100 for this.

Do you know how many rotten TMNT turtle pies i could get for $5000? lol



Tasuki said:

Great movie. Yeah its cheesy and that but honestly they could have done alot worse. Now if only it was the power glove for sale than I might put in a bid.



luminalace said:

While admittedly the movie is pretty crappy, as a kid I loved it, if purely for putting video games into a movie! However I would have to be rich to ever consider purchasing that for $5000.



Ichiban said:

I loved this movie as a kid! The power glove part with Lucas was so cool until you realise Lucas actually lost the game of Rad Racer he was trying to show off with! Haha!



Omega said:

Someone has smeared something on on old toy and sells it for a fortune. You have to be pretty stoned to fall for that.



DrDaisy said:

It doesn't even come with apparently the world's only working Power Glove? Forget it.



WaveBoy said:

"He touched my breast!
"I love the power glove...It's so bad"

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