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Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure Taps Into Action on 21st September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

European typing woes solved

So you can't type very well, a state of affairs entirely intolerable in the modern day and age, and it's something that has to be resolved promptly. You're also a big fan of Pokémon, and just wish there was a way to improve your typing and indulge your favourite hobby all at once. Well, the dream is a reality, as Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure — announced in the most recent European Nintendo Direct — now has a confirmed European release date of 21st September.

As well as teaching you to type, this title will apparently teach you more about your favourite 'mon and entice you with lots of collectible medals, all with the help of the bundled in keyboard and handheld stand. You can check out the details in the press release below and, remember, type your comments correctly.

Those looking for a fun yet challenging way to practise their typing skills will love Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure for Nintendo DS, coming to European stores on 21st September 2012 bundled with the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard. Research over 400 Pokémon - including Legendary Pokémon - in this unique, typing-based game.

As you take on the role of the latest member of the Elite Typists' Club, your typing skills will gradually be tested to the limit as you attempt to accurately type the names of any Pokémon you come across on your journey to help Professor Quentin Werty and his assistant Paige Down with their research.

Fun for beginners and typing pros alike, Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure starts you off gently, with early levels only tasking you to type the first letter of a Pokémon’s name before moving you on to much trickier exercises as your typing skills develop.

By typing their names correctly you will capture each Pokémon in your Typing Ball, allowing your team to research them. As you progress you will encounter increasingly rare Pokémon, including the likes of Legendary Pokémon like Reshiram and Zekrom from Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version.

The game offers lessons on finger placement as well as other tips to improve the accuracy and speed of your typing. Successfully tackle both aspects to build up combos and earn high scores that will improve your overall typist rank. As you progress you will be able to unlock up to 60 different, challenging levels and go in search of rarer Pokémon to study and up to 180 medals to collect.

Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure comes with a special Nintendo Wireless Keyboard featuring the standard key layout, which has been made to work with this game but may also work with other Bluetooth-compatible products. The package also includes the Nintendo DS Compact Stand that can be used to position your Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system as your hands use the keyboard.

Perfect for those looking to improve their typing and for fans of Pokémon adventures, Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure will launch for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS family of consoles from 21st September. For more information, please visit

For further updates, follow Nintendo of Europe on Twitter: @NintendoEurope

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sillygostly said:

Awesome news. I've been putting off buying typing software in anticipation of this. I'm not paying $50 for Mavis Beacon while the Yanks are paying less than $18 for it. Hopefully this will come to Australia too.



RupeeClock said:

Looking forward to it.I imported the japanese version "Battle and Get" from Play-asia some time ago, and enjoyed the game but was very limited by the fact I didn't know the japanese names of the pokémon, and had to adjust to the irregular methods of typing japanese characters phonetically.

Typing Shroomish instead of Kinococo will help a lot.

It's also a VERY nice Bluetooth keyboard.

Edit: Pfft, oh god, I just noticed Quentin Werty and Paige Down.



BenAV said:

Probably all this would teach me is the names of all the new Pokemon.
A DS/3DS keyboard is a great idea though, if they decided to use it in future games like Animal Crossing.




Looked at the trailer for this and it was interesting and quirky, but doesn't inspire me to get the game



hYdeks said:

people, it's a freakin typing game...are you REALLY serous you want this?!? I sure don't, I know how to type, hence how I'm writing this down -- Just cause it has Pokemon doesn't mean you should just rush out and throw $40 at Nintendo for it -- TRUE games Nintendo, release TRUE games...



SkywardLink98 said:

A 3DS keyboard would be great for some games, but the only problem could be size. It looks small which is ok for children but it's hardly bigger than that DS, so it would seem kinda small for older gamers.



Wheels2050 said:

@hydeks: Plus, for collectors, this is the type of thing that may become quite valuable down the track due to its uniqueness.

I considered getting it just to have but, alas, finances foiled that plan!



zipmon said:

@hydeks Typing games can be awesome!! Typing of the Dead on Dreamcast is seriously fun and one of my favourite co-op games ever! It's really just another control method, not all games that use a keyboard are edutainment.



Millenia said:

I LOVE Typing of the Dead. I don't know how it compares but it looks great anyway. If it doesn't come to North America I'll import. :3



JayceJa said:

the keyboard would be cool if its used in other stuff, i wouldnt want the game itself though



RupeeClock said:

@JayceJa @rudydog13
The game uses a Bluetooth keyboard, and the game cartridge itself is bluetooth capable.
Since the 3DS and DSi are not Bluetooth capable themselves there's no chance it could be used with something like Petit Computer.



Marioman64 said:

USA release plz USA release PLZ USA RELEASE PLZ...
well pokemon mystery dungeon wiiware didn't make it but pokemon conquest did so maybe this will make it over here... i'm already a pro 2-finger typer though



ThumperUK said:

Hopefully the keyboard will be used in other games/apps (Petit computer sounds like a great one), but also hope we'd be able to use the keyboard with the WiiU too??



ItalianBaptist said:

So if it's a Bluetooth keyboard that means it should work with an iPad right? Also, who else remembers mario teaches typing?



Scollurio said:

Looks interesting, "this should be on eShop" was my initial thought... yeah well it just might be a bit hard downloading that keyboard...



zipmon said:

@TheItalianBaptist Definitely! It should work with any Bluetooth-enabled devices - I have the Japanese version and use the keyboard on my iPhone with no problems. It's a really nice piece of kit!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

If it came out in the US, I might get it... but Im not so sure... The only true purpose as to why I would get this is because I feel it would be a pretty unique and interesting title to add to my collection along with that Keyboard.



sinalefa said:

I am pretty sure this will be released in the US eventually. Pokémon things print money, and if they ask parents to encourage their children typing skills, they won't feel bad to get it.

The lack of a price is not very inspiring, though.



FluttershyGuy said:

Will there be a Mavis Beacon Pokemon in the game? (hope I'm not the only one to remembers those programs)



lucianaeevee said:

the biggest problem for me probably if touch typing, and i love pokemon, so this is finally a good game for me that will help



RupeeClock said:

It's actually a Bluetooth keyboard, which is a kind of wireless of course but not the same kind used as Wi-fi.

The keyboard interfaces with the cartridge, not the console.



alLabouTandroiD said:

This would be a great Wii U download if the system supports wired USB keyboards. And, since being compatible with wireless ones would probably be too much to ask for, they could also sell a version with the keyboard so you can play it on your GamePad without the need to hog the TV.
I'm pretty sure only a tiny fraction of people would want to play this outside anyway, so why not get the best of both worlds and have the prospect of a Typing of the Dead on the WiiU.



TimboBaggins said:

seriously? wonder how easy the screen will be to see with the keyboard in-between. Better be using an XL.

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