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Streets of Rage Gets Real in Fan Movie

Posted by Mike Mason

Street art

If you like Streets of Rage and have 23 minutes to spare, grab some popcorn and make yourself comfortable. Some ambitious fans have brought the series to life with the magic of street fighting, fireworks and YouTube.

The video follows Axel Stone as he swaggers through the streets, punishing any thugs that dare to threaten him and kicking over traffic cones to reveal delicious chicken. Watch out for some two player action towards the end, too.

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madgear said:

Way too long and the jokes could have been done much better (didn't need the picking up food from under bins multiple times). It needs to be cut down to around 2 minutes.

I'd have found it funnier if there were people reacting to it. Perhaps a ton of badly dressed punks lying on park benches and walking on the spot in a public place. I don't know - as a Streets of Rage fan, this didn't really do much for me.



Dr_Salvador said:

Funny! I especially like the original sound FX! Must have taken a lot of time to make!



WaveGhoul said:

Lame attempt. Like MadGear pointed out, could of been trimmed down...Alot actually aside from not even 'trying' with the cosplay/costumes. Where were my precious mohawked thugs with the colorful funky jackets?



Gameday said:

DOPE they even had the special for A in here man i love when people do videos like this epic classic and deserves more attention for sure. Love this whole series you just gotta appreciate it.



Handy_Man said:

I hope SEGA won't notice this video took eight years to produce and take it down and leave many fans dissapointed.



WaxxyOne said:

Well done to all involved. That was obviously put together with much love and effort, and it shows. Lots of great moments that harken back to the original game, and some pretty good special effects work given the budget. They should all be proud of what they accomplished.



the_shpydar said:

As a huge fan of the Streets of Rage series, i absolutely loved this. Well done to all those involved!



Ren said:

totally classic! Anyone who has ever made any film knows that this is no small feat. So many varied players, so much action content and carefully planned fights, what fun! Congrats to all involved.



shonenjump86 said:

I will have to check this out later. It time for Sega to stop ignoring the fanbase for SOR and make a new one.



gundam00 said:

This was too freakin' cool!! Axel has one hell of a spinning aerial kick! And that wall kick was pretty awesome!! I really liked the locations they used. Not sure what I would have thought if I drove by and saw them fighting on the side of the street.



BulbasaurusRex said:

That was awesome! You can't trim it down, or it wouldn't be a believable reenactment of the first two stages of the first game. Also, the traffic cone thing was done multiple times, because that's how it happens in the game. How else was Axel supposed to keep restoring his health?

I will say I was disappointed that the second player picked Adam instead of Blaze. Blaze is one of the hottest 16 bit heroes around , and that Jeannie girl who played Electra would've fit the part well.

Although they were clearly inspired by the first game, the did break canon by using health gauges for all the enemies (instead of just the bosses) and including Axel's super attack, neither of which were in the first game (and even if the super attack was there, it should've drained some health when he used it).



GoldenBanana said:

I love those old fighting games, it has always made me laugh their idea of being one person against an entire neighbourhood of "bad people" that comes across the street.

The videos are great, one can see that they have put lots fan love and time into it, but, has anyone realised that, the videos are shooted with the guys fighting and moving in 3D, while the original game is based on sprites moving on a plane (with a floor painted to simulate the 3D perspective of moving back and front). To me, the 2D thing is one of the awesome hilarious iconic stuff they could have tried to include to honour the game. I can´t help but to imagine Resident Evil 2´s fixed cameras mixed with Streets of Rage =p



WOLFER said:

Aww its pretty cool... Think maybe Mega 64 could have done it better... but its still cool....

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