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Streets of Rage (MD / Mega Drive)

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This city was once a happy, peaceful place... until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over.

This vicious syndicate soon had control of the government and even the police force. The city has become a centre of violence and crime where no-one is safe. Amid this turmoil, a group of determined young police officers has sworn to clean up the city.

Among them are Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. They decided to put their lives on the line and take back their city through their special hand-to-hand combat abilities. They are willing to risk anything, even their lives, on the Streets of Rage.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Sega's answer to Final Fight

It's tricky to review Streets of Rage and be fair to it in light of the high quality of its sequel. Nevertheless it laid the foundations for even more future greatness, so it is only fair to give the original game the respect it deserves. Basically,...

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User Comments (28)



Asa said:

I just downloaded this based on your review. I was a big Nintendo nut when this game out so I was blinkered to think Final Fight was the greatest game ever! I have now seen the error of my ways, I'm loving this one.

As you say Axel is secretly Cody thou!! haha



spoonard said:

I love the Streets of Rage series! Hopefully we will see parts two and three for the VC as well.

__Nathan G


Nathan G said:

OMG!! HAPPY DAYS!! Would be even happier if it comes out in the U.K, which Im sure it will its, just taking its time about it! I loved this game back in the days and although I do prefer 2, this ones still good!



its out now in UK. Again i stress that i own this game 3 times already. 1 mega drive orignal and 2 and 3 PS2 and Gamecube Sonic Gems Collections.



Mendez said:

Wow, downloaded it last night, and it is AWESOME! =D
Well worth 800 points.



Levi said:

Mendez, you were right to d/l the game. I strongly recommend everyone do it too, ready for the SoR2, it'll make the new experiance all the so much better

Co-Op Mode is the best Period.

__The Pirate of Men's Pants


The Pirate of Men's Pants said:

Arrrrr, it has to be said that SoR has a certain charm about it, regardless of the fact that SoR2 is a better game. Certainly at the time, I was bowled over by how good the original was, it never left my Megadrive cart slot when mates were round, the two player mode was ace! I'd say this is well worth a download, although I won't be myself as I already have the MD version, shipmates.



ive seen streets of rage running on the wii and the boarders are reduced and its quicker. not full speed but its not that bad to be honest so some effort is being made. still when i get a wii its a usa one for me.

__gaz dale


gaz dale said:

Went through on 2 player got just b4 final boss and then the game ended congratulating us on a well deserved victory even though we didnt get to fight the boss man. well annoying



RMA said:

gaz...very unfortunate. Completed this last week in 1p mode...no problems. Has anyone else had the same problem as gaz in 2p?

__Mr 64


Mr 64 said:

One of the flagship games of the early days of the Megadrive, featuring some great graphics and music for the era. Big sprites, animated backgrounds and wealth of enemies and weapons populate the eight levels of Streets of Rage, Sega's first attempt at capturing the massively popular sideways scrolling beat-em up market. But in 2007, how does the game actually play? Quite badly as a matter of fact.

In terms of gameplay I'd argue that it's almost a step backwards from Double Dragon 2 on the NES (the NES version was very different to the arcade original). The combat system doesn't feel as intuitive, the weapons aren't as much fun and the levels are not anywhere near as imaginative as a game released several years earlier for a much more inferior machine.

I have to be honest, Streets of Rage is not the game it was when I last played it in 1994. It's rough edges really show through now and it's main selling point at the time, it's presentation is not enough to save it now. It's also way too easy, especially in two-player mode me and my mate cleared the game at the first attempt.

I'd wait for Streets of Rage 2, that was a much better game if my memory serves me correctly.



TheNintendoBoy said:

I actually love the special attacks because of their over the top quality, and the soundtrack is my personal fav of the three.



Mr_64 said:

I'll give the special attacks credit, they totally ridiculous, especially on the elevator level (stage 6/7?). I just meant the actual weapons you can pick-up are a bit of a disappointment as they all work the same (aside from the tear gas) and there are no real strengths/weaknesses to any of them. You can only use them one way too, which is a missed opportunity.



Damo said:

mr64 - How you can compare this to Double Dragon II on the NES is beyond me - SOR is a million times better than that flicker-filled crapfest!



Mendez said:

The game may be bettered by SoR2, but that doesn't stop it from being excellant. 5* anyday.



evilfrog said:

this was the only game where you can hold the enemy (including most bosses) and have your partner beat the crap out of them using well distanced blows.



alvieao said:

Ah, yes. The first Streets of Rage had a two-player mode (not to mention beating up the occasional female fighter) in which the SNES Final Fight lacked. Though it has enough new elements to separate from other FF-style clones. What's also wonderful in this game is the music; Yuzo Koshiro made the soundtrack so memorable as the gameplay itself. It feels like Revenge of Shinobi under a beat' em up premise (Team Shinobi/Overworks did both games). The first game has not aged well as SOR 2, but its charm remains in the hearts of Sega gamers and beat' em up fans alike.



Mad_Bomber said:

5 stars. Easy. I love this game. I even love my police car driving bazooka firing buddies. (Wave hi fellas!) It's a blatant Final Fight clone, but a brilliant game that brings its own style to the table.
Still have really fond memories of me and a buddy taking out the street trash. I really didn't care for the super moves of the sequels though they are both 5 star games that brought something new to the series. Oh and I miss Adam Hunter.



Mixer152 said:

Amazing game for its time although I dont think it holds up as well as the 2nd game.
I do prefer the soundtrack to the first game out of all 3 which I know alot of people would disagree with.



Roo said:

Can I just recommend to everyone that playing this with your mates, a few beers and with Eye of the Tiger playing on your CD player is better than just about anything on VC? Quality.



N_A_T_O said:

Love this game! This is the first Megadrive game I ever saw and played, I can still remember the awe I felt at the visuals and especially the tunes. I have been a Sega nut ever since. Rock on.



mr_niceguy said:

I remember when I first saw the cart I thought it was Street fighters, for some reason. While I was disappointed at first when I found out it what it really was, that dissappointment quickly turned to joy, especially during
co-op(I probably never would have liked Street Fighters anyways). Funny how, until I saw the videos, I would always look back on this game with disdain, me and my brother had so much fun playing co-op on this game and it even taught me to be wary of women dressed in leather police costumes and carrying around whips. I just can't seem to remember why I started hating this game so much, perhaps it had simply become too hard(we got pretty far, considering it was our first beat 'em up) and I was simply tired of losing, or maybe I was just tired of the game and my brother wasn't(I started hating a lot of good games because of that reason). Who knows...

Oh well, me and my brother don't play together very much anymore, so maybe I should download this one to bring back the memories and perhaps we could start playing again.

Oh, and Mixer, in my opinion this game had the best music I had ever heard on the Genesis, and I had many of the Sonic games. The music is part of why that video brought back so many memories



Charco said:

Great game, it is better than Final Fight on SNES as it has two player. Music is fantastic too.
I must say though, if you liked the Streets of Rage series you simply HAVE to download Streets of Rage Remake from
It's a brand new game, using sprites from the originals, has new or redone stages, has Adam from SOR1 as a playable character...the list goes on!! Basically it has all the best bits from the originals and more! It's freeware so there is NO excuse!!



Kurachi said:

first i wasnt sure which SoR i played back then, but then saw the 3 phoneboxes in a row, and knew that this one was it
was a very nice fight/sidescroll game
like Final Fight II i played, it also is better with 2 players
but imo thats with most games

might buy this one later



VenomTheEvil said:

Great game loved it in the 6 in 1 pack on mega drive.

I will get this when I have some points to burn



Honorio said:

I never played this game back when it was originally released. My brother told me about this gane so I tried it and love it. When I get more points than I'll download 2 and 3.

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