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Metroid Fan Film is Light on Action, Heavy on Chat

Posted by James Newton


We've seen some great Nintendo fan films over the years; films that made us think "if only". This short film, Metroid: Encounter at Ceres Colony, wants to be next.

As the name suggests, the short takes Super Metroid as its inspiration but mixes in some elements from the Metroid Prime Trilogy too. Serious Samus fans will also enjoy other nods to the series' past.

Check out the video below and let us now what you think in the comments.

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Thanks to Jason for the tip!

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PinkSpider said:

God this was awful if you want to watch a decent fanare film check out the street fighter tekken one it's the best one out there. Truly amazing



NImH said:

@bezerker99 If you would be so kind as to explain to me why you hated Other M so much...I just never really grasped why there was a sheer hatred for this game.



pixelman said:

^^ Let's not go there. I hated it too, but I think everyone's tired of the sordid affair.

And wow, this is horrible too.



pixelman said:

Okay, here's a brief summary of why people dislike the game: it's linear, the action gameplay didn't cut it, the script (and story) were mediocre at best, the music was completely forgettable, hunting for green pixels on green grass is lame, and, finally, TEH BABY. For me, everything I loved about Super Metroid was missing.

And plenty of people think the complete opposite too. But we've been over this a hundred times here, and that's more than enough. So there you go.



NImH said:

Thanks. I'm glad I could help you break 100x's.
IMO, it was like a peripheral Metroid game. Super Metroid is my personal fav as well. Although Other M never comes close to SM, it stands alone as a great game... unlike this retarded (oops, inappropriate) "special" fan vid.



bezerker99 said:

@nimH37 I'll send you a PM on your Sadloggery explaining my hatred for Other M in excruciatingly stunning detail. However, I can't do it right now....give me at least 24 hours, K?



Deviant_Mugen said:

Kelly Johnson is hot...

Yeah, that's the only positive thing about this video. Now if it had been anything like Fallout: Nuka Break, then it'd be worth watching...



WaxxyOne said:

Well... It was cute in that they-tried-their-best sort of way. Kind of painful to watch, but on the other hand I couldn't do any better. Some of the jokes weren't completely terrible, either.

I give it a solid 1 thumb up.



GamerZack87 said:

@zerky: I believe you. Some kind of mystical force keeps blocking me from even touching a copy of Other M, no matter how many times I see it at 70% off.

As for the film, I lold at a few bits! Also, the baby looks so adorable.



tanookisuit said:

I post on a forum this guy regulars who talked it up in advance and linked the movie up the other day and I just couldn't say what I wanted there and not upset some thin skinned types but aside from the decent look and work into the costume and the baby metroid the entire production is downright subpar terrible even for youtube. The writing is some of the worst for fan stuff I've ever come across and the set was a joke clearly a non-made up basement like area cement blocks and all and somehow that's on a giant metal spacestation. If the amount of care and work went into her suit and the prop metroid with writing and making something for the set itself it could have been decent. It's just bad, bad like when someone says they'd demand those seconds of their life back awful.



aaronsullivan said:

Actually a good premise for a short. The idea is solid and could induce laughs if the performances felt at all genuine. They almost pulled off the suit. Should have been more quick cuts at the full shots and kept it up high for the dialog. The helmet looked pretty good.

The egg discovery was nice. The first cave shot worked pretty well, too.

Few people realize how much work goes into making a video of even this level. Anyone who finishes a project deserves a great deal of credit because ideas are a dime a dozen but follow through is a rarity.

The toughest thing about making a video like this is that people are SATURATED with a ridiculous amount of medium to high production value video entertainment and it's so natural for audiences to turn off at the hint of mediocrity or disinterest.

Not saying it was genuinely entertaining, just that some respect is called for and the people behind the camera gained some invaluable experience from the project.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Well, the set was cheap, and the scientists weren't that good of actors, but it was decently entertaining.

If this is supposed to be a prologue to Super Metroid, I don't know how Samus has toasted Ridley 5 times already, though.

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