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Mutant Mudds Closer to European Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

21st June is a possibility

The eShop release schedule can be unpredictable. Sometimes North America and Europe get titles on the same day, sometimes there's a brief delay in one region, while on other occasions one side is left waiting for far too long. For European 3DS gamers, Mutant Mudds definitely falls into that last category.

It arrived in North American on 26th January, but for any number of reasons the step of seeking approval from Nintendo of Europe has taken some time. Thankfully, Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid has taken to Twitter to share some good news.

USK rating received (6)! Mutant Mudds has been submitted to NOE for approval. It could be released June 21st. Let's hope everything is OK.

We agree wholeheartedly, let's hope everything is OK. The potential release date of 21st June would be rather good, but we'll wait and see whether there are any delays before preparing some eShop funds. If you need a reminder of why this may be worth your cash, check out our Mutant Mudds review.


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hYdeks said:

wow, I've played and beat this game already, I thought it was already in europe but I guess not Feel sorry for them, this game and VVVVVV



C-Olimar said:

Renegade Kid have the annoying philosophy that games should cost the same in euros as in dollars, so I presume this will be no different and like VVVVVV, we'll have to pay quite a bit more than Americans.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The sooner the better.
Even if it comes later i'm sure it will be day one download for me. Can't wait. (Assuming it's not more than 9€.)



Djrr-ific said:


I agree.
Although our situation isn't as bad as the one in Australia, it's annoying that the US get the very same game at a lowe price... Renegade Kid said this will be probably 9 euros, on twitter



chewytapeworm said:

I just buy the games I like without thinking, wonder how much I've spent on the many, many games I've invested in... A lot of people might baulk at the price tag of Mutant Mudds when it arrives, but it'll be added to my ever-increasing arsenal of portable gaming heaven without a second's thought.



Rensch said:

I hope so, this game looks like one of the best portable side-scrollers in recent years.



Chris720 said:

Took your time didn't ya? I was interested until I found out that this game is apparently really hard so... yeah, no.



C-Olimar said:

@Djrr-ific I obviosly understand the need to translate the game into so many different languages can be costly (though there is no excuse at all for Australia) , but the mark up is frankly ridiculous sometimes. I think it is developers taking advantage of the average consumer not noticing the difference between 9 dollars and 9 euros.



RR529 said:

While Mutant Mudds isn't my favorite out of the neo-retro platformers on eShop, it's still a darn good game, and I hope you in the EU enjoy it!

@Pengaweeno, thats a flawed stance on the matter. If enough people boycott it, Renegade Kid would just assume the region isn't interested in their software, so that could easily result in longer delays, or even games not making over.



Alienfish said:


You're the only one that's going to suffer if you don't get it. I don't get how anyone in Europe could whine about a game like this coming late when we Americans had to wait for freaking ever to get Xenoblade. We haven't even gotten The Last Story yet. Just chill and show some patience.



akabenjy said:

I want this game so bad. I hope it gets released on the Australian eshop on June 21st too.



MeWario said:

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Woohoo =) I have been waiting very impatiently =P



WaveGhoul said:

Mutant Mudds > Mighty Switch Force >>>>>>>>>>> VVVVVV

Then again, Mighty Switch Force is pretty darn close....With the recent free Upgrade/DLC adding the 5 additional levels it may seem like a more satisfying & meatier experience. Also, the only real problem i had with Mutant Mudds was that there wasn't a single boss battle in sight...While the enemie design was kind of generic and lack luster, that aside it's still a incredibly solid platformer and extremely challenging to boot!



Fabian said:

Not verry hyped for this anymore after all this monthts of waiting but I still get it because it seems like the developers put a lot of work in this



Denkou said:

Am I the only person in existence that hated this game? I honestly just didn't like it. I personally don't see what the big deal about mutant mudds is. My opinion. Back off.



Metalskull said:

First day buy for me!!!! I love all those old school like platforms but it kinda sucks that we don't get them on time just like Sakura samurai (where is it?)

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