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Looks Like La-Mulana Will Reach Europe After All

Posted by James Newton

PEGI power

Update: PEGI has since removed the rating.

Long suffering La-Mulana fans: there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The European ratings board PEGI has taken another look at the WiiWare adventure, rating it a 12. The game was rated once before back in 2010 with the same rating, but there's one important difference: the publisher.

At the start of May, you may remember, Nigoro and Nicalis cancelled their agreement to bring La-Mulana to WiiWare. At the time, Nigoro's Takumi Naramura said the developer would welcome offers from publishers, and now it looks like Spanish publisher EnjoyUp! is bringing the game to Europe.

We asked EnjoyUp! for a response and received "no comment". Make of that what you will.


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James said:

Looks like PEGI removed the rating. I know what I saw, though!



Shiryu said:

Oh, the teasing devils.... they shouldn't play with our hearts like that.

PS: In my life experience, "No comment" means "Yes!".



SaSoBe said:

Hm, who knows... Might check this one out if/when it arrives in Europe!



accc said:

Thank you EnjoyUp games! Assuming this is true and it comes out in North America, of course.



Sean_Aaron said:

Despite the upcoming Wii-U launch I will support this game if EnjoyUp! brings us a European release.



Nintenbro said:

Ha! I just decided to purchase, "99 Seconds," the other day, with the last $2.00 I had in my eShop account. I'll also recently purchased, "Soccer Up!" as well. I'm glad to support this publisher in anyway I can, if they decide to localize La-Mulana in NA.



Omega said:

Why not on Wii and WiiU? And who says that WiiWare is not on WiiU?



Nintenbro said:

Yeah @stipey, I watched the eShop trailer for, "99 Bullets," and it looks amazing. I definitely added it to my wishlist. I believe, "99 Seconds," had only been downloaded 16 times after I did, or is that just how many times it's been rated? Either way, show some more support NA!

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