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Scour the UK for Mario Tennis Open Yoshi QR Codes

Posted by James Newton

Smash and grab

Mario Tennis Open launches in the UK next week, and Nintendo is launching a nationwide treasure hunt for you to grab multicoloured Yoshis.

On 25th and 26th May select Asda stores will give away the Black Yoshi via a special in-store QR code: scan it with your 3DS and Black Yoshi is yours to keep. Nintendo will release white, blue and red Yoshi codes at a later date.

In case you're still undecided whether to grab the game next week, check out our Mario Tennis Open review.


Track down the playable Yoshis by finding the Mario Tennis Open QR codes

18th May - In an exciting Nintendo 3DS exclusive, a massive Yoshi hunt will soon become available ahead of the upcoming Mario Tennis Open launch on 25th May. The hunt, entitled The Yoshi Chase, will involve tracking down a series of different-coloured Yoshis, playable in Mario Tennis Open, through corresponding QR codes released over the coming weeks through various channels. The Black Yoshi will be the first to be released but there are many more in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.

Each Yoshi QR code will be released in a variety of different ways and at different times, so you will have to stay alert to find them – the Black Yoshi will be distributed first exclusively through 30 Asda stores on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May, between the hours of 9.30AM and 5.30PM. White, Blue and Red Yoshi will follow at a later date. These characters can only be activated with the QR code held by in-store sampling teams, so be sure to come down with your Nintendo 3DS so you don’t miss out.

Mario Tennis Open is packed full of Mario-themed arcade tennis action. Choose from singles or doubles matches, single player and multiplayer modes and a variety of special games such as Super Mario Tennis, Ring Shot and Galaxy Rally. With easy to pick up and play gameplay and a range of modes to suite your mood, you will be serving up a storm before you know it.

As well as the ability to customize your character with new rackets, clothing and trainers, there is also a choice of 11 different court surfaces which affect the angle, speed and bounce of the ball, with each one set in a familiar location from the Mario series. In addition, you can easily select from a range of classic tennis shots such as Topspin, Slice or Drop Shot to take down your opponent via the Touch Screen on your Nintendo 3DS.

Mario Tennis Open also makes full use of the online capabilities of Nintendo 3DS by allowing you to play against random opponents and friends on the Nintendo Network as well as playing over local wireless connections. Depending on your performance in Open Matches played over the Nintendo Network, you could get added to the leaderboard and see yourself rise to the top. Online matches will see you paired against opponents with similar strengths and weaknesses to you; defeat them to rise up the rankings!

Black Yoshi will be available at the following Asda stores: Minworth Supercentre, Tamworth Supercentre, Patchway Supercentre, Cardiff Supercentre, Queensferry Supercentre, Ellesmere Port Supercentre, Coventry Supercentre, Derby Supercentre, Hessle Great Bridge Supercentre, Govan Livingston Supercentre (SOL), Huyton Supercentre, Pudsey Supercentre, Eastlands Supercentre, Trafford Park Supercentre, Gravesend, Milton Keynes Supercentre, Gateshead, West Bridgford, Havant Supercentre (SOL), Dagenham, Cortonwood Living, Haydon Supercentre (SOL), Eastleigh Supercentre, Eastgate Supercentre, Lower Earley, Watford Supercentre, Wigan Supercentre, Leicester Fosse Park.

For more information, please refer to and follow NintendoUK on Twitter.

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SMW said:

Someone go take pictures of them all for us non-UK folks please. Thanks.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah, exactly...I'm sure it'll turn up online eventually, and then this whole silly promotion will be proven just as pointless as it really is. And it really IS pointless...different colors of Yoshi? Is that really necessary anyway?



Raylax said:

@Stuffgamer: Large marketing campaign that will draw awareness to the game benefits Nintendo - whilst people aren't likely to buy it purely on the basis that there's a QR code to unlock Yoshi, general "guys we have this new game here" certainly will - whilst people with the game turn up at supermarkets to look for the code if they want to play it properly before resorting to the internet... and will probably buy stuff while they're there. It's a cheap and fairly effective benefit to both sides.



Mercury9 said:

Um. I don't fancy the idea of wandering around an Asda store with my 3DS cameras out...

I don't really fancy being wrestled to the ground by curious staff and or adults...
I'll give it a miss lol



GamerZack87 said:

@Stuffgamer1 Colour-based collectathons are more fun than hitting yourself on the leg with a bag of rusty nails on a rainy Tuesday! Everybody knows that!

Wait...White, Blue, Black and Red Yoshi? Does that mean you can already play as Yellow, Cyan and Pink Yoshi without QR Codes? Those three are my favourites! I sure hope they're in it!

Yep, I'm man enough to admit I like pink.

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