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Nintendo Readying Third Party Retail Downloads Too

Posted by James Newton

Nothing to announce yet

We know the majority of Nintendo games will be released digitally once the retail download service kicks off in August, but Nintendo's confirmed it's preparing a service for third parties to release their packaged games digitally too.

A Nintendo spokesperson told IGN:

We are currently preparing a program for third parties but have nothing specific to announce at this time.

Fair enough.


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ReleaseTheBears said:

Thank god. I'm tired of having to snap up games at retail before they disappear forever and/or go through the hassle and inherent risks of using the internet to buy things. I hope this means I'll finally be able to pick and choose my spots with games on Nintendo platforms.



thedanman64 said:

No doubt Sega, Capcom and Namco will probably be re-releasing their back catalouge of 3DS games as digital downloads.



SaKo said:

There should be a way to save the physical games you have onto the 3ds....



Shotgunryugan said:

I hope they get released digitally,don't know how much space it'll take,but i'd love to buy Dead or Alive Dimensions,i can't find that game anywhere in Puerto Rico



SkywardLink98 said:

@jibberldd5 I agree completely but the one problem would be people would buy the game, download it, and then sell it getting a $40 game for something like $5.



Samholy said:

the problem with retail downloads so far is that they always come up later than physical retail. ive been playing battlefield 3 on ps3 since its debut, and the digital version recently came out. 6 months after !

i would have bought kid icarus as a download. always the handy title to have for its multiplayer, but when you wanna play another game, kid icarus must be away for a swap
same goes with heroes of ruin, which i feel ill be playing for a long while. this is the kind of game that is needed as a downloadable version so you dont have to swap your game when you want to play something else, or always have present in your system for the spotpasses/streetpasses opportunities.

they should let people download the games when they are registered via nintendo fan club ! (and transfer their save data too) this would be EXCELLENCY AT BEST.

also, if you have a couple of downloaded games, will ALL the streetpasses/spotpasses option be available for every games at the same time ? this could prove to be worthy too. cause i keep on meeting people who play different games i own but whici i dont carry at the time. so i cant quick match them, or streetpass them.



Skotski said:

ATLUS needs this.
...that said, I'm still pre-ordering everything from ATLUS. They give some darn good pre-order incentives.

But still, ATLUS needs this. Their imported games skyrocket in price in auction sites... and those aren't even the special editions...



Gold_Ranger said:

I think as of right now, Animal Crossing is the only one that i will download.
I hope that they are between $10-$20 cheaper than box copies.
A $5 price cut for downloaded isn't all that much, especially when used stores have it at that price.



dizzy_boy said:

tbh, it`s just as much blessing as it is a curse.
on one hand, games that are hard to find the shops can be bought online and will remain online for aslong as the licensing and agreements last. but if you don`t like the game that you downloaded you have no options with returning the game and getting your money back, nor can you trade it in for a new game when you`re bored of it.



19Robb92 said:

Nintendo's E3 show is gonna be good. Both for 3DS and WiiU it seems. Can't wait. I'm glad they're finally entering the online market. About time.



AVahne said:

Well good thing is that Nintendo has announced that 3DS and Wii U digital versions of games will release on the same day as retail versions.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

imma be so glad when this kick off because i went to gamestop the otherday and was piss because they didnt have da game i wanted for when i ask the dude "Did he know when their getting a new shipment" he gon say "He Dont know, most likely they prolly not" i'd have to wait till someone trades it in or sumthn" smh man shoulda been their in da 1st place



hillbill26 said:

Seems cool. I am all for the retail downloads and purchases. But hopefully the downloads are cheaper than the purchaes.



sebman30 said:

if capcom releases something digitally, just wait 6 months for the digital download of the "complete" edition of it.



SaKo said:

@SkywardLink98 Once you transfer it to the 3DS, the physical version will be unplayable unless you transfer it back or something...

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