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Aqua Blue 3DS Discontinuation Only Affects Japan

Posted by James Newton

So cheer up

Last week we learnt that Nintendo Japan is discontinuing the Aqua Blue 3DS, and we anxiously wondered what it might mean for us in the West. We've heard back from Nintendo Europe now and it's good news.

The official line is that "this announcement is only for the Japanese market", meaning there should be a steady stream of Aqua Blue 3DS consoles for the foreseeable future. Japanese consumers have the option of the rather nice Cobalt Blue 3DS, so they're not entirely left out of the blue console game.

In fact, North America's colour range is about to expand next week with the launch of the Midnight Purple 3DS. Everybody's happy.

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C-Olimar said:

Didn't think it would go. It's the most popular colour, in the UK at least.



Zekrom025 said:

I might buy one soon and leave it sealed. The price for a sealed one will soar one it gets discontinued.



hYdeks said:

As a gamer in NA, I personally say get rid of the aqua blue 3ds, it's ugly looking, and replace it with the colbalt blue japan is getting.



Justaguest said:

I have aqua blue too but you would wish for it to disappear?so selfish.. I am sure some people save money for it. wouldnt be very happy if they found out its not in stores anymore.



RedYoshi999 said:

It's not like it would disappear overnight, stores would have plenty of stock left over plus there's online sales.



motang said:

Interesting, wonder what they will replace it with. The Cobalt blue is much better IMO.



bezerker99 said:

What with the Monster Hunter 3ds out there in Japan, I can see why nobody is buying this color.



hYdeks said:

ohh thats another thing, we want monster hunter for our 3ds's nintendo!!!



Millenia said:

I wish they would discontinue it, so that I could feel like I have something special. All the new colors are so much better in my opinion.



RevolverLink said:

With the splendiferous Cobalt Blue model out on the Japanese market, I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't had to discontinue all of the other colors too.

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