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The Louvre's 3DS Tour App Detailed in Video Form

Posted by James Newton

Yes, but is it art?

The team-up between Nintendo and The Louvre sounds good, but what does it look like? A lot like this, in fact.

Nintendo released a video of the museum touring application in action and it looks pretty good, with 3D models of sculptures, digital representations of paintings allowing you to zoom in on the fine detail and audio tours in several languages. As far as 3DS tours of French museums go, it's the best we've seen.

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Geonjaha said:

Publicity for the 3DS is always nice, but if anyone was bothered to visit the museum in the first place, why would they want to be looking at 3D models of a piece rather than just...looking at the actual piece.
Also, why arent there voice options for Nintendo characters?
I'd want to hear Navi screaming "Hey, Look!" every time theres a new exhibit ;D



Samholy said:

wow. those huge paintings must be memorable to watch. i hope to visit the Louvre one day. The 3DS visit is a fantastic idea.



NintyMan said:

I always like how video game systems like the 3DS can be used for educational purposes like this. It'd make a trip to the Louve even more engaging for me. Also, funny photo caption you have there!



metafaniel said:

THIS IS GREAT! But It will be greater if this app could be sold globally! It's great for the people who can visit the museum, but, what about us who live thousands of miles away and can't go to The Louvre??
It will be much more awesome to sold this in the eShop so we can also visit the museum!
@James Do you know if this will be possible someday??? =) Thanks



James said:

@metafaniel Possible? Sure it is! I wouldn't say it's likely, but it'd be great if software like this became part of a museum or gallery's wider 'personality' — there are already books on the subject, why not interactive guides too?



Mowzle said:

I think this is a lovely idea. However, many of us are not likely to get to the Louvre any time soon, and even if we do get there some day, it would be really useful to have a "guided tour" beforehand. I'm busy looking at the real art works when I go to a museum or gallery, and don't really use the portable audio guides when I'm there, though I accept many do like them. I also like to read about what I've seen afterwards, and this would be like taking a catalogue home.
What I'm saying is - it would be really cool to have this as an eShop 3DS downloadable application/game so that the less favored among us could have "a trip to the Louvre". I'm not suggesting it should be a freeby in those circumstances, I'd even pay for it as a retail game.
It wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but it would appeal to quite a number of 3DS owners and maybe draw in a few more. It could be a real winner with all the mini talks on the art works, and easier to browse than those heavy coffee table art books.
Edit:- Bummer! I took so long doing my response and get pipped at the post by a much more concise reply



cfgk24 said:

I really hope the tour consoles get cleaned regularly - it is horrible to see the 'Display' 3ds consoles in Pcworld and Asda that are covered in grimy chav fingerprints . . . .



japzone said:

It'd be cool if there was some kind of Nintnedo Zone at the Museum where you could have access to the App, that way I could use my own 3DS instead of Renting out one of theirs.

Now my only real hurdle. How to Physically get myself to France in order to try this out. Plane tickets are expensive these days.



Luigi_is_better said:

This looks helpful, informative, and really cool! But I agree with @metafaniel, it would be better still if we could all see the amazing works of art that are at The Louvre. I would love to see them, but probably won't ever get to because of money, time off, etc... I would pay to see this app on my 3DS at home.

Oh, and that is a great caption!



Mowzle said:

I've downloaded the screenshots to my PC, as I couldn't get access via the 3DS and it was a zipped file anyway.
Anybody tried uploading them to their 3DS yet?
How do they display?
I might try myself later this evening if I have time.



metafaniel said:

@Mowzle HAHA Sometimes I write a lot as you, but here at the office I need to be fast to keep working hehe.

@Luigi_is_better I'll be able to use this app with my mom, who currently uses the camera app sometimes and used the Nintendogs demo a few times and that's it =P She found Colors!3D interesting so she'll definetively love The Louvre app

@James There are some screenshots out there, like in this link:

@Mowzle The screenshots I saw in that link are just plain JPGs. In the zip you downloaded, are there MPO files??



Mowzle said:

@metafaniel No, the zip I downloaded only has .bmp files, and they're the same as the ones at the link you gave James. Sorry for the delay in my reply, feeding the ravening hoards and a pile of ironing interrupted me.



defrb said:

nice project though, the 3ds part make this intresting for now.

But with 3d conquering the world, i'm not sure how long it will last.



LittleIrves said:

This is quite cool. The only problem is that when you'd actually be using it, replace the absolute solitude of the woman in the video with a crowded hallway bustling with international tourists. Not quite as peaceful then. I'm impressed the Louvre and Nintendo got together on this. Would love to see it for other museums in the west.



Henmii said:

Love the picture! Miyamoto looks as if he sees some little Pikmin scampering around!

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