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Sing Along to The History of Nintendo

Posted by James Newton

Start Friday right

The talented folks at long-running webcomic Brawl in the Family have used their 400th strip to celebrate Nintendo's life and times in a catchy tune.

From hanafuda cards to Wii U, it crams some good detail into its 3:42 running time and will no doubt get stuck in your head for a good few hours.

It also scores bonus points for name-checking Little King's Story.

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Late said:

Nice video. I'm fan of Brawl in the Family and have already wondered when the 400th comic is coming out.



Late said:

@Lan: I agree but as Brawl in the Family's comics are mostly done by one person who draws something for every week and has a life so you can't expect a video of much larger scale.

The website tells that the comic had been in the works for over a year. He had to get the idea, plan what he wants to include, draw everything, edit the video and make the song (although he had some help with the video and song). And also make other comics and live his life at the same time.

Maybe he will continue this video, add some stuff and release it as his 500th comic



James said:

@Late Not to mention the creative challenge of writing a good song about the 110+ year history of Nintendo. But hey, if someone else would like to have a go, we'd gladly feature it if it's this good



TysonOfTime said:

...All you people complaining know that he was morbidly ill, right?
He still is. He's just starting to recover.



Bobhobob said:

I like the Nintendo Power reference, Nester.
Pretty awesome song, glad to hear he was well enough to make an animation.



Sam_Loser2 said:

WHOOOO!! Great job Matt, Nintendo Life has noticed you! Brawl in the Family is becoming pretty well known. He comics are the page picture for many-a tvtrope.



coolvw93 said:

Awsome song, just sent this to a bunch of my friends. i really liked it at the end about the mention of Mother 3 coming over to Americas in 2013...



sinalefa said:

Pretty awesome stuff. It may not go "deep" but sure there are tons of neat and obscure references that prove the guy does his homework. Thanks for sharing, James



ChaosTheChao said:

I like this video, and the Noki Bay book always did leave me baffled! Anyone know what that is for?

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