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First Impressions: ATV Wild Ride 3D

Posted by Corbie Dillard

ATV racer goes 3D

When the original ATV Wild Ride was released on Nintendo DS last year, it was praised for its impressive play controls and solid track designs. Unfortunately the game's limited release made it difficult to find at retail outlets, thus keeping it from reaching a wider audience. Now developer Renegade Kid has decided to give the DS release a 3D upgrade, and this time they're bypassing the publisher altogether and choosing to release the game on Nintendo's 3DS eShop service instead.

From the moment you first fire up ATV Wild Ride 3D, you immediately notice the visual upgrade from the DS original. Not only does the 3D depth add a nice layer of realism to the racing action, but the new special effects and greater level of detail really bring the tracks to life onscreen. There's also a nice level of variety between the various tracks, with each featuring distinct graphical touches based on the country they're featured in.

The basic racing is fairly standard in design, but what makes the game so challenging and fun are the high-flying jumps and stunts you can execute as you make your way around each track. Each time you successfully pull off a trick, you're awarded speed boosts, which you'll find particularly useful once you begin tackling the more advanced difficulty settings.

The smooth and responsive controls remain intact and there are still plenty of stunts to pull off in order to rack up those valuable speed boosts. You've got a wide range of characters and ATVs to choose from and there are a host of tracks in different countries to tackle. You'll even have the choice to play different variations of these individual tracks including: reverse, extended and extended reverse. While this might seem like a trivial addition, these variations actually look and feel quite different from the standard tracks.

To further complement the intense racing action Renegade Kid also included a rocking soundtrack, complete with full vocals. Most of the tunes are fairly heavy and do a great job of setting the tone for the racing experience going on around you.

Since this was a preview build, some of the modes and additional features weren't yet available, such as online play, but the addition of internet multiplayer will likely be a popular feature, and we'll have a full rundown of all of these additional modes once the game is released on the 3DS eShop later this year. Even with these features not playable it's still easy to see that Renegade Kid has done a great job of updating its ATV racer and it should prove to be another great addition to the 3DS eShop.

Renegade Kid was kind enough to send over a few 3D MPO screenshots that you can check out using the QR Code below.

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BenAV said:

Sounds great.
Pretty sure this'll be a day one purchase.
Can't wait to try it out!



xxbrothawizxx said:

So where are all the graphical improvements Jools was talking about. I see any of the graphical processes he mentioned in these screens.....



RR529 said:

@xxbrothawizxx, those are the improved screens. In the last article about this game (posted 2-3 days ago), they had an image from the DS original, and the detail in these is much better.



C-Olimar said:

Pretty sure this will take a ridiculous amount of time to be released in Europe, so I'm not getting excited just yet.



Oregano said:

The graphics are pretty rough but considering it's an indie eShop game it's probably good enough.



bboy2970 said:

Looks like a great eShop addition. The graphics do look a bit rough but since its eShop and not retail, I think they can get away with it. As long as the game plays well I don't really give a crap about the graphics. Will almost certainly pick up on day 1!



SkywardLink98 said:

I don't use 3D much ( Saves the battery, and I tend to get out of the sweet spot. A lot) but that's an impressive 3D effect.



Smooth27 said:

I hope its in beta or alpha form so far, because graphically.... Uhhh its ok. I hope it does better graphically, seing what the 3ds can do with revelations compared to this, it can do a whole lot better. Can wait if what they said are true. Fun to control, particle effect, the lighting and all that good stuff, I hope the final pruduct looks better for me to get me extremely satisfied but either way im craving an atv game and for 3ds!! Hell yeah im buying!



Smooth27 said:

Oh beside wat I just said their are 6 things would opinionly make it a must buy.
1. Online!!, which has being confirmed.
2. Great graphics. (which seems like its confirmed to have)
3. Dev. Continues support for example, updates, and patches.
4. DLC such as, extra cars, and tracks, but not too much if they plan on selling it.
5. Included features like, street/spotpass.
6. Voice Chat



Myx said:

you know.. the 3ds became obsolete somehow. when i look at all the games that get released. i just can't find a reason to buy a game for it anymore. there are only 2 games until year's end that are remotely interesting. the rest can be played on the vita, too. so it is no question which version i will always prefer. the outdated cartridges, the 3d-effect that gets implemented by the industry because it's there and not because they got great ideas with it.



Morpheel said:

The 3D on the pics is awesome, they really did a great job!

Also, the fact that there's a track set in Mexico makes this game awesome, even if I don't like racing games.



Djrr-ific said:


Really? Obsolete?

Animal Crossing, Rhythm Thief, NSMB2, Heroes of Ruin, FF Theathrythm, Kingdom Hearts DDD, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem(in Europe..) Mario Tennis... all 3DS exclusive and awesome... And outdated cardridges.. Nintendo is going to give you the option to choose whether you want your game digital or on a cardridge.. And I agree with you on the 3D part.. although it really boosts the 3DS graphics..



Odnetnin said:

Online multiplayer is what seals the deal for me. I hope you know that, other developers.



xxbrothawizxx said:

So basically, expanded draw distance, resolution bump, and almost unnoticeable texture improvements. Where are the "high resolution textures, shadow maps, specular highlights, mipmaps, real-time lighting on the player, additional particle effects" that Jools discussed. Those screenshots don't seem to have any of those things. It pissed me off that they were even considering putting that garbage out at retail. Give me the gameplay this, gameplay that speech if you want, but a retail title needs to be the entire package. Definitely disappointed in them.......
I guess people will just except this b/c there isn't any alternative on the 3DS. Can't believe Jools feels they can charge $10 for this. Gameloft's iphone racers look 10x better and have online and are literally 10x cheaper. WTF guys, stop accepting this trash.



BalrogtheMaster said:

@xxbrothawizxx LOL, I think you're forgetting Gameloft tried the same thing for 3DS in Asphalt 3D. It was literally a watered-down port of a $5 game, and that sold for, what, $40?

This game on the other hand is getting an awesome overhaul. The core gameplay was a lot of fun, and Renegade Kid hasn't failed me yet



xxbrothawizxx said:

I never said I supported all their endeavors....
Gameloft tries to take advantage of foolish early adopters. I didn't pick up the title b/c I knew what it was: CRAP. the value for their titles on iOS is pretty high.
Adding online play is nice, but there doesn't seem to be much else. Again, there are MUCH better racing games on iOS that sell for much cheaper than what Jools felt was the best price. If they added all the graphical upgrades he suggested they were going to then I'd support the title, but the screenshots suggest otherwise. Hopefully these are pre-alpha, though it seems unlikely when he suggested they only had 2 month left of development. What makes them feel that their games are worth so much? Mutant Mudds is a good game, but $9? VVVVVV is expensive too for what it is. I know that Nintendo is the one pushing the higher prices on the eshop, but developers still have primary control over prices. Shin'en only charger $5 for FFMG, that is the way it should be. $7 should be the max for download titles on the eshop and games like Mutant Mudds, VVVVVV, and Mighty Switch Force should be $5 (these titles would go for .99 or $2 on app store) at max with more expansive games coming it a $7 (something with production value equivalent of Fast Racing League, Jett Rocket, etc.). Maybe an occasional stellar $10 worthy title. The times have changed, consumer perception of value for money as changed, it's time developers change their attitudes along with that.



RR529 said:

@xxbrothawizxx, oh yeah, since Apple prices things so cheap, Nintendo should as well, right? Wrong!

They can't. The ESRB charges Nintendo an $800 fee to rate eShop games before they can be released, and because of that mark up, games on Nintendo's (and Sony's/MS's) download services are going to cost more than smartphone games, as Apple (and other smartphone devs) aren't subject to ESRB ratings, and thus can undercut the real gaming companies.

Also, Mighty Switch Force, VVVVVV, and Mutant Mudds are of a much higher quality than any iOS Platformer I've played (yes, I have an iPod Touch), and their prices are spot on for that level of quality (it's also a bonus that they're not bogged down by horrible virtual buttons).



Corbs said:

Nothing like a bunch of $.99 iPhone games to devalue games on dedicated game systems. I have no problem tossing money at developers who put their heart and soul into their games and make great gaming experiences. It helps the gaming industry I love (and never want to see come crashing to the ground again) AND gives me something to play. WIN/WIN




"Smooth and responsive controls" are most of what i need to hear abou this game. Wouldn't go anywhere near it retail wise, but insta-download as ware.



Uncle_Optimus said:

@RR529 That is super interesting info, thanks!
I wonder why iTunes developers are not subject to this same restriction? There are plenty of violent games on iTunes.
Also, I wonder if Nintendo, MS and Sony can elect to forgo ESRB ratings and fees, at the very least on their download content?

@xbrothawizz while I largely agree with your man point of changing value standards, as of now a 3DS version of a same game on iOS would have the benefits of 3D and physical controls...these differences, while they may not justify the suggested price to you, are significant added value to others. In other words, It is still premature to classify the pricing standards "garbage".
The market will decide that!



photofool83 said:

I will be buying this game!! Thanks Renegade Kid! (Also, the interview with them in Nintendo Power is pretty good.)

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