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Fan Video Gives a Tease of Star Fox HD

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A bit better than Mode 7

The Star Fox franchise hasn't had a great deal of love recently, the only recent glimmer of hope being Star Fox 64 3D, a remake of the highly regarded Nintendo 64 title. Will Wii U revive the franchise, or was the N64 remake a warmup for a new title on 3DS? Who knows, but we'll always have the power of nostalgia.

YouTube user rickonami has produced a glossy 'redux' of the introduction from the original Star Fox on Super NES, complete with flashy HD-style effects. Rickonami has also produced shorter videos for Mother and Mega Man 2, amongst others, so is clearly a retro Nintendo fan.

If you spot the mistake in the dialogue — acknowledged since the video went live — then you win a virtual high-five from us.

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metafaniel said:

A remake of the first Star Fox, the one from the SNES will be great! That was the best Star Fox for me, I enjoyed it much more than N64 one... And those weird digital voices has personallity =P



LittleIrves said:

That... was pretty awesome. Hot damn I love the original's soundtrack. I would buy a 3D Classic: Star Fox or Star Fox HD for WiiU yesterday. Make it happen N.



OorWullie said:

That is honestly brilliant.I really hope its a Starfox that Retro is working on



Freelance said:

@metafaniel I'm happy I actually found someone who agrees with me. Star Fox will always be the best in the series to me.

As for the 'remake,' pretty cool but I'd rather have the original graphics. Nintendo! I want Star Fox in 3D!!



metafaniel said:

@Donjwolf It's incompressible why there aren't much more people who think the same way... Just imagine the original StarFox as a 3D Classic title =D =)
@LittleIrves StarFox as a 3D classic will be mega awesome but it will be even better if it was an unlockable in a remake for 3DS. I would have love much more an original StarFox remake rather than another iteration of the N64 version.

Anyway, have you seen this parody??? It's quite funny, watch it haha.



Freelance said:

I like this parody:
Star Fox goes to a restaurant.

Anyway, @metafaniel, I don't understand either. I think it's because most people started playing SF64 as their first SF game and simply have a stronger attachment to it.

People I've seen in forums also say though that they absolutely hate SF graphics (too primitive and ugly, but I think the graphics look awesome and it was awesome back in the day) and think it controls horribly compared to SF 64 (I don't think so but that's what they say). They didn't like the gibberish either (I thought the gibberish was better. Slippy actually sounded like a male).

Reasons why i think Star Fox is the best game:
1. More challenging.
2. Better music. SF64 music is fine. SF music is amazing.
3. The graphics hold more charm to me.
5. Corneria music much better in Star Fox.

Sadly. Nintendo as retconned Star Fox and therefore consider SF 64 to be the replacement so I doubt we will ever get any SF related stuff (like a 3D classics). I was shocked they put in SF music in BRAWL though but only 3 measly tracks though compared to SF 64. It's sad to see them simply ignoring SF and putting SF 64 in everything else. SF 64 music is always remixed/rearranged/whatever in Star Fox games :/



Kirk said:

Very cool but the artstyle and graphics aren't quite right imo.

I'd def love to see a proper HD version of the original SNES games however, since I still consider that to be the best Start Fox game.



Malkeor said:

Some things looked okay, and that remix fit perfectly
oh and James Mccloud haha



TruenoGT said:

Another +1 for OG Starfox over SF64. Starfox 64 has it's own charms, but the original is so much more dramatic, cool and mysterious. As others have said, the sounds and music alone make it amazing and I can think of few games that better embraced their technical limitations to create a memorable style (on the SNES especially). I play through it once a year or so and each time am wowed by it or see something I hadn't before. This was an awesome tribute.



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't care for the Starfox series but the Mother series ones reminded me of how much I would love to play those games. It would be awesome of all three of them were remade for Wii U or 3DS and released in the west.



mamp said:

Not a starfox fan but I know how it sucks when you wait for a game and it just won't come here's hopin for a Wii U version



RevolverLink said:

Playing Kid Icarus: Uprising's air sections and watching this fan video make me really think Sakurai could make Star Fox great again. Too bad he'll have his hands full with Smash, Kirby and Kid Icarus for the foreseeable future.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I was hoping Star Fox 2 for the SNES would get released on VC, since the game is complete with only a few bugs to work out, but this is very nice to see too!
This would be so awesome!
It seems it always comes down to the fans to create things like this.



JimLad said:

That actually made me sad, it's like a taster of what could be done with Star Fox.
But I've just about given up hope for a new one at this point.



Shworange said:

HD star fox with a hint of 80's sci fi flare. Nice. Some parts reminded me a bit of the Last Starfighter.



hYdeks said:

just for FYI purposes, Star Fox 64 was said by Nintendo to be a remake of the original SNES Star Fox So the only original games are the SNES/N64 game, Star Fox Adventures for GCN and Star Fox Assault and Command, so yay, it would be really nice for a NEW actual Star Fox game.

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