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Star Fox (Super Nintendo)

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Lead the Star Fox Team to Victory!

In the distant Lylat star system, imagine yourself at the controls of a futuristic, heavily armed, space fighter - Arwing.

Lead the counter-attack on an invasion force of hundreds of alien tanks, fighter ships, laser gun emplacements and super battleships. Maneuver at warp speed through fog-enshrouded canyons, dense asteroid belts and waves of the enemy's best defense. You must use skill and cunning to bring the fight to the enemy's home planet Venom and smash the Core Brain for victory!

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Posted by Jamie O'Neill

Pretty Foxy stuff...

In 1993 the Mega Drive / Genesis was selling well and 2D was the bread and butter of console gaming. "Emergency, emergency… emergency, emergency! Incoming fighters prepare for launch", hailed the 16-bit Nintendo counter attack. For Sega and...

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Corbs said:

Great game and very cool polygon graphics for the time period. I remember how impressive the game was back when it was first released. We've come a long way since then. :)



Aenaida said:

Great game indeed. I saw this in the "Latest Screenshots" list and my heart lept, but then I realized I wasn't in the VC section of NintendoLife. Ah well.



pixelman said:

@Aenaida: Same here, haha. I 'spect Corbie will be reviewing this on Friday. I really wish it'd come out on the VC.



Kirk said:

Still the best.

I still think this game looks really cool even today. The colors are just done so well.



Zach said:

Doubtful, as the cart included a difficult-to-emulate graphics chip.



Varia01 said:

This isn't on the Wii shop channel and boy does it look impressive! I wouldn't expect such a powerful game on a SNES Cartridge ( I had never actually had a SNES, but what I do have is the knowledge that it used cartridges). I need to look into the Star Fox games.



RegalSin said:

The sad thing about this game the easiest path has the most best final stage. Also just to let you know; you could actually get to the easiest path through the hardest path and still have the best ending???? Isn't that funny. I forget if that is true. I mean the hardest path just insanely stupid; But worth the challenge.

The biggest thing about this game was all the weird bosses and the enemies. I mean this thing was great.

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