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eShop Goes Cheap with Bird Mania 3D

Posted by James Newton

Project $2

eShop game pricing is a hot topic — is $6 too much for a downloadable game? Should the store offer much shorter games for much less? Whatever your thoughts, empirical evidence shows Bird Mania 3D is the cheapest game to hit the 3DS yet.

At $1.99 it costs less than any Virtual Console game and is on par with the cheapest DSiWare, which might help you set your expectations at the right level. It's developed by long-standing DSiWare supporter Teyon, and all you have to do is help your bird fly as far as possible, avoiding enemies and picking up stars along the way.

The game's out in North America on 3rd May for $1.99.

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6ch6ris6 said:

finally some cheap games !!!

6€ is too much for me. i only have 5€ left and dont want to buy another prepaidcard though no games interest me



BenAV said:

Sounds... not very exciting.
I'd rather pay more for some really good quality games, like a lot of the ones we've seen so far.
Don't get me wrong though, cheap games can be good if they're made well.
Even some simple games with just one stage can keep you going for a while if the gameplay's fun and addictive enough.
I'll wait to see more of this before deciding whether to buy it or not, same as the rest of the eShop games announced today.



Ren said:

Hmm, actually looks like a fun concept and cheap too! There really does need to be more like this on there, let's hope this is good and sets the bar high for quality in that price range. If it's good I'll totally buy it to support that price model (and so will everyone else, clearly)



Geonjaha said:

Great! It doesnt look that good to be honest - but for that low price as long as its functioning and is some fun then it's a great addition to the eShop.



Raylax said:

Teyon. Developer of such instant classics as Heavy Fire: Afghanistan and 101 Pinball World.



paburrows said:

Penguin Patrol is another great $1.99 game that recently came out. I like the cheap games, but at the same time if the game has a lot of content then I don't mind paying $6 or even $10 for a game like Shantee or Pushmo or Dillan's rolling Western etc.



RR529 said:

"all you have to do is help your bird fly as far as possible, avoiding enemies and picking up stars along the way."

Seems like there is no overall achievable goal (in other words, there is no end), since it's one of those games in which you keep on going as far as you are able (like iOS's Jetpack Joyride). Seems a little too "iOS" for my tastes, so I'll probably skip (not saying it's bad, as far as I know it could end up being the best in it's genre, it's just not my kind of game).



ecco6t9 said:

I might actually enjoy this type of game now since my fingers will not block the screen.



pariah164 said:

The first week of May is going to be a busy DL week for me. This the third, plus Legend of Dragoon on PSN the first...

Yeah, I play a PSP too.



rjejr said:


Yeah, Jetpack Joyride clone, not Angry Birds at all. Though I really didn't like JJ, Sea Stars is one of my favorite iOS games. I've played that for way too many hours to count. I also HATED the "no end' concept the first few times I played it. But then I realized there are lots of SHMUPS that are over fast but you replay for score, so I got over the no end concept and just keep playing for trophies. I'll buy this for my Sea Star addicted son for $1.99. I've had 200 points on my Wii for about 2 years now which I still can't spend.



rayword45 said:

I like how people are giving this game a chance but when BPlus or Digital Leisure makes something it's all "auto-trash"

Rant aside, as cheap as this looks, seems mildly boring. The kind of concept that will lose its fun after a minute or so.



JFarol said:

I liked jetpack joyride, so this may be great, maybe not so great. There should be some kind of an incentive, like unlocking cosmetic items and such for your bird using the stars you get. Not anything that would give you an advantage, but something just for look so that you can look forward to playing the game. And even maybe a multiplayer mode where you can do it with your friends and see who will hold out the longest. Idk what the game might have to offer, since it hasn't been released, but seeing how most $2 haven't had much to it, I doubt there will be anything special about this game. That's just my 2c though. Prove me wrong Nintendo/Teyon.



TikiTong said:

Hmm, if the review turn out good Ill get it. My 9 year old sister seemed to like the trailer. Glad games like this attract younglings to the eShop as well as teens like me. Viva la 2 dollar games on the eShop!!!!

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