The cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 is still a source of disappointment for some gamers, and we even looked into the background of the project in our 3DS games you'll probably never play feature. The '100,000 Strong' campaign group that formed to press for a return of the game's development is still in action to this day, with its latest project being a weapon design contest.

It's possible to enter by registering on the still-active Capcom Devroom, which has never been taken down despite the cancellation. The basic task is to create a new or enhanced weapon for Mega Man Volnutt, with entries welcome as text descriptions, drawings or any other artistic medium that you can think of. Each participant is allowed a maximum of three entries and the contest runs until 29th March, at which point a panel of judges will choose the top three designs. The prizes should tempt any Mega Man fan: third prize is four bead sprites, second prize is a Mega Man tribute art book, while the winner receives a Mega Man Volnutt figurine with their design as a custom weapon attachment.

Full details, as well as the all-important terms and conditions, can be found on the competition's discussion thread, while submissions should be entered on the submission's thread. Even if you don't enter the competition, it's good fun to browse through the entries so far.

This campaign currently has just over 64,000 likes on its Facebook page, and no doubt hopes that this contest will help to maintain interest and push towards the elusive 100,000 target. Who knows whether any of this has will have any impact on reviving the title's development, but it's nice to see fans' continuing passion for the franchise.