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Vote Now for Xenoblade Chronicles' Reversible Cover

Posted by James Newton

Inside out

Xenoblade Chronicles is just two months from finally reaching North America, and Nintendo wants you to choose the art displayed on the reverse of the game's cover.

Nintendo of Europe held a similar campaign last year, but Nintendo of America has opened up the vote over on its Facebook page.

Head over to Facebook for the vote and while you're there why not Like the Nintendo Life Facebook page?


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sykotek said:

Clearly, the logical answer would be to provide us with all the alternate covers. It would take 2 sheets of double-sided paper and then everyone would win! Problem solved.



siavm said:

I voted for #2. Now just a couple of months for this game most of us have been waiting years for.



rjejr said:

So, how do we actually vote? I like #1, it was the most JRPGish as it was party focused. I don't like the solo based play of most western RPGs.



zeeroid said:

Surprised you guys all like #3 so much. It's probably my least favourite. I couldn't decide between #1 and #4, so I just voted for both. They also both seem to be in a tight race for the lead at present.

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