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Pokémon Director Teases Something for Sunday

Posted by James Newton

We're not sure what

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has brushed off a fan question about a sequel to Pokémon Black & White with a hint to watch out this Sunday.

Asked at a public Q&A for information on a follow-up to Black and White — likely the inevitable Pokémon Grey — Masuda said:

I can't answer that yet. Well, I can say to watch the next Pokémon Smash.

Pokémon Smash is a Sunday evening TV show in Japan that has often led with new information about the series, so it's possible we'd hear about a new game there first. Watch this space.


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Klapaucius said:

Could just be more information on Keldeo. There's a bit more life left yet in Black and White.



Contrary said:

It's going to Pokemon Grey. It will tie in well with the movie about Kyurem (the third legendary dragon) that comes out soon for Japan. I just hope its for 3ds and is completely remade in 3d.



Kyloctopus said:

I actually want them to wait, a little while, but then again, by the time they localise, it would probably be a good time, in the meantime, I hope for a Pokemon Snap game.



Highwinter said:

I really hope we don't see a Ruby/Sapphire remake ever. It made sense for the first two games, for a way to redistribute those Pokemon and for their huge popularity. But do we need remakes of every single one of the games?

At this rate, we'll have a Black & White remake in a few years, and for a franchise where each game is so similar to the last, that's just completely unnecessary.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'd like to see a pokemon grey, but it's more likely they'd put Red & Blue or Yellow on the eShop. I'd settle for that.



CosmoXY said:

@Highwinter - if you wouldn't want to play a R/S remake, guess what, there's an option called not buying it that you could take advantage of!

Many people would like to play a 3D, upgraded version of Ruby/Sapphire. Not to mention kids that are new to the series and never owned a GBA or even played a third gen. game. So I would like to see it.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i want ruby and sapphire. i've gotten sick of black and white so I don't want grey. or something totally new would be awesome. or another mystery dungeon game with the new pokemon



HandheldGuru97 said:

If you look at the last Generation of Pokemon you can see that 2 years after the paired versions came out the third one came out. So Grey would not surprise me.



Highwinter said:

@Duney Then why not simply include Hoenn is a second region in one of the new games? It gives us a chance to revisit it, while giving the younger gamers a chance to explore a completely new region as well, without simply rehashing exactly the same thing.



Lalivero said:

@Highwinter If you mean like they did with Kanto, where they cut off A LOT of the region, then I'd have to disagree.

Also, at your other post, only the first game would have worked out to the point of needing to redistribute them and such(and got people on the 'each generation getting remakes, YAY' train). Despite the popularity, Johto didn't have a reason to be remade because all Pokes were obtainable in Gen III; If that proves anything, it means that they will cash in on anything that they know they could with. Every region has also been rendered in 3D(ish) except Hoenn, also, so I'm on board the train as well this time.

Imo, after RS remakes, then we could possibly stop.



CosmoXY said:

@Highwinter - Because Nintendo can make money on a "simple rehash" of the Hoenn games. I think fans sometimes forget that video games are a business, not just fan service. Why add Hoenn in for free on a new game when you could sell it on it's own?



King_Boo said:

If you're talking straight money, if they just put the games on the e-shop with a working multiplayer, that should make a lot more money than retail remakes.



DarkKirby said:

If Gray is on DS I will face palm pretty hard. Please be on 3DS and please remove IVs. Please. They do nothing then make people who don't cheat always be at a disadvantage to people who do.



Radixxs said:

It will take a large difference from B/W to make me buy it. And I'm not talking 1 new Pokemon or area.
@Highwinter: I agree completely. As much as I loved Gold and Silver, I couldn't get into HeartGold. I am just tired of the same game, which I honestly never expected as I am and have been a huge Pokemon fan.



Rensch said:

In the case of Black and White, a third version is justified for a change. There is just so much that's missing in that game. No Safari Zone, no VS. Seeker, no Battle Frontier. And it'd be nice to see it as a special 3DS version of the game. Heck, it should have been a 3DS game from the start. If that had been the case, the 3DS would not have had such a rough launch.



DarkKirby said:

I copied this from another Pokemon topic I wrote in the essentially talks about all the problems in the game.

I love Pokemon to death, the entire Pokemon world and culture that has built around it, but the game series itself has run into a whole load of issues the developers outright refuse to fix because they fear changing a formula that still sells.

Stopping hacking and exploits is near impossible, but Nintendo has not even attempted to stop, or even limit hacking. As per Nintendo style, support after release for their games is near 0. But while I am not a supporter of hacking, I can completely understand why people do it. Which leads into the next point, the EXTREMELY horrible IV system. The IV system needs to be removed. Nature is enough to "not make all of the same species of Pokemon the same" while still being reasonable to achieve the one you desire. Since Pokemon is 100% turn based (which I think should change), every single stat matters. Getting perfect 31 IVs in all stats, even if you use all of the games legitimate tools and methods to help achieve it, is near impossible and completely luck based with odds similar to winning the lottery, for a single Pokemon. And if you actually get 31 IVs in all your stats, for 1 Pokemon? Oops, the nature was wrong, or the ability, or for preference, the sex. Getting those 3 on 1 Pokemon is already a long unpleasant grind without a Ditto, which can't even be used if you're breeding for moves, but IVs are plain intolerable. Which is why most competitive players hack their game to make their Pokemon to have perfect IVs, their chosen natures, abilities, and sex. What kind of competitive game gives the player no guarantee that no matter how much work and time you put into making your creation (Pokemon) perfect, it is only allowed through extreme luck and never allowed through hard work or knowledge of the game? I do not hack, and I can NEVER get around the fact that when I'm raising a Pokemon, I know that since my Pokemon does not have perfect IVs, it will always be inferior to one that does. I don't breed for IVs anymore because I tried it before, for MONTHS, in a hardened attempt for my love of Pokemon, and wasn't able to succeed for a SINGLE Pokemon (yes I know all the tricks that improve the chances). The fact that IVs are a hidden stat is an insult to gamers in the 1st place. When Black & White were released Nintendo went around trying to shut down Pokemon fan sites because they said the web sites were reducing player guide sales by providing free, and more accurate information. That's ridiculous. On to the next point, the game is horribly balanced and the balance gets worse every gen as more over powered things are added and previous over powered things are not fixed. And most Pokemon are unusable competitively. About 2% of Pokemon are deemed overpowered (usually Legendaries or end game Pokemon like Garchomp designed to be over powered on purpose, and succeeding) 6% of Pokemon "usable and fair" and 92% of the Pokemon terrible and unusable due to how bad they are. It's not even close, there is no way you can use Pokemon outside that top 8% and not put yourself at a very severe handicap. What does this mean? It means there is a very, very high chance that using Pokemon on your team that you like (instead of tier whoring with the top 6-8%) and being able to win battles with them against the top 6-8% is highly unlikely. The game is 100% turn based (as I said, I think that should change), out maneuvering your opponent with Pokemon that possess inferior stats is impossible. The game's systems has massive imbalances that need to be fixed, like Stealth Rock, Weather that lasts forever, Earthquake on every Pokemon, physical attackers being extremely dominant over special attackers, in stats and available moves. The entire race of Pokemon needs to have their stats rebalanced to attempt to make at least every fully evolved Pokemon viable competitively. The elemental system is itself very unbalanced, with "top" elements like Fighting and Ground and "garbage" elements like Psychic and Poison. At least add new elements that are strong to the overpowered elements and be weak to the currently terrible elements. People shouldn't have the be stepped on because they want to use Charizard in battles. You made some good suggestions that should have been in the game a long time ago like character creation that the developers have plugged their ears to, they instead make another 150 Pokemon, minor system changes and release a "new" game. My only concern with voiced Pokemon, and I dare say, characters, like the anime is not allowing language options. I am a fan of watching anime, and Japanese games which have the option, with Japanese voices with English subtitles. Nintendo is not known for giving people this option, in fact they are known for the opposite, not allowing the option on purpose to further discourage importing the game. Also, why does each "new" game have less options and features then the previous games? Stuff like having your Pokemon follow you, photo opportunities with your team (which you should be able to export out of the game like how you can save pictures in Pilotwings Resort, by not allowing it you are actively giving people a reason to pirate the game instead as playing it on PC will allow you options the real game disallows for no reason), and move tutors are fantastic and should be in every game, and are INTENTIONALLY NOT PUT INTO NEW GAMES SO THEY CAN RELEASE A "3RD OR 4TH" VERSION OF THE GAME WITH "SPECIAL FEATURES NOT SEEN IN THE ORIGINAL". STOP RELEASING GAMES WITH MISSING CONTENT ON PURPOSE AFTER LETTING PEOPLE PLAY WITH IT IN THE GAMES.

Like I said, I LOVE Pokemon, but the main game series has upset me for a very long time now.



Kyloctopus said:

@DarkKirby you have the largest comment I have ever seen congrdulations, (even if it was a copy)
Anyways I wouldn't guarantee a remake. Gamefreak takes their time. However, the 10th anniversary is coming up (November in Japan) so the chances are likely considering that was the occasion for HeartGold and SoulSilver



Kyloctopus said:

Or... Pokemon Red and Blue coming to VC, Pokemon Collesium for Wii or Wii u, Pokemon Grey, and my biggest hope, Pokemon Snap for 3DS



Kit said:

I really hope they don't call the next one PKMN Grey... that is such a lame name!



TKOWL said:

@DarkKirby So, what you're saying is that we should get rid of all replayability and satisfaction out of the series?

Plus it's sad that it bothers you that much that your Tyranitar doesn't have 31 in Attack. It totally was the developer's fault and they should revamp the whole series just because you're not getting that 88.6% damage on a Scizor vs. 88.9%.



DarkKirby said:


To say "IVs don't matter", you obviously don't have an understanding of how the highest level of competitive Pokemon play works, or even low level play, or fair play. I already explained why it is unfair. Your answer is basically "it's fine that it's unfair and you shouldn't care that it isn't fair", when everyone who does care, and wants to win in competitive Pokemon competitions, has pretty much resorted to hacking because of how unfair the system is.



DarkKirby said:


Assuming you are telling the truth and somehow have proof that backs that up, that in no way changes how unfair the system is, does it? It's possible to win the lottery, but it's completely by chance, and the chances are extremely low. The amount of times you play the lottery doesn't change how low the odds are of winning, despite the misconception, the more times you play and lose does not increase your chances of winning because you're playing more often, it only means you have an equal chance of losing each time you play.

By your explanation, all these people you "know" happened to have better luck then other players, saving themselves the possible months or more that it can take with the probability so heavily in favor of getting perfect IVs not happening it might never happen for most, and thus deserve an advantage over people who spent the exact same amount of time or more doing the exact same things and making the same decisions and didn't get good or perfect IVs, or won by facing off against inferior opponents.

Let's summarize your statements.

All of the replayability of Pokemon does and should come from constantly breeding Pokemon in an attempt to get better IVs. As opposed to Pokemon battles themselves and battling different people with different teams being entertaining.

People should be content that after spending countless hours and hours and hours breeding for and raising a Pokemon, that other people who had better luck then them, or hacked the game within the games technical limits, have superior versions of the same Pokemon while spending little to no time doing it.

Removing IVs would require a total revamp of the series. Because setting the game to up Pokemon IVs to 31 and recalculate their stats accordingly when transferring to a new gen is impossible.

IVs don't play a significant factor in who wins a battle. This is dependent on the stats for said Pokemon in question but they do in fact have an effect on matches, whether you admit to it or not. If 1 person has a Garchomp with 25 IVs in Speed and another with 30 IVs in Speed, all other stats and moves identical, one person has a significant advantage this battle. Attack and Defense IVs can make the difference whether your Pokemon survives to make another move, can switch out, or dies to an attack.

When you face off against another person, it's good to know your Pokemon are at their best possible and are facing off against someone who also has his Pokemon at their possible best. To say one person has an advantage before the battle even starts because he lucked out and got better IVs on their Pokemon is total BS.

And that's not even mentioning that to get around this "problem", as I said at the very beginning many competitive players simply hack their IVs to max since to default system makes it so impossible to get it legitimately, which is undetectable if done correctly, with no way for people who decided not to hack their game to come close matching what, as far as the game is concerned, people who got extremely lucky, repeatedly.



chevx said:

I Think Nintendo will make both a nds and 3ds version of Pokemon Gray and they will be cross compatible. The 3ds version will have features such as AR battling. Spot pass and Street pass trading(sweet) not only Pokemon but items and obviously it will be in 3D. some sort of mini games that using the other features of the 3ds, motion sensors etc. Play coins will be used for some Kind of currency 300 play coins to take a chance at playing a very difficult mini game. The reward, a Master Ball(as a example),... did I miss something?



warioswoods said:

Man, this Pokemon thing sure is a lot more complicated than I realized. Now I'm even more wary of ever trying it.



WreckItRyan said:

I don't know about anyone else, but all I know is, I'm really excited by this news!! I have been waiting for an announcement like this for too long...old games and spin-offs can only keep me entertained for so long!



Imperfect said:

@DarkKirby The whole IV thing is why i dont play my actual black and white if i want to do a competitve battle and instead just the server
to play matches aginst people. In additon, becuase sites like smogon know their is a huge imbalance, they create tiers where if you want to use a non top 100 pokemon you still can by playing in a lower tier like UU or whatever. IMO it honeslty solves the problems of imbalance and actually creates sevral diffrent metagames which are being chnaged as new sets are discovered or pokemon thought to be in a higher tier are dropped to a lower one which changes the game much like a balance patch for something more competitve like starcraft 2.



Drawdler said:

Everyone saying IVs suck... You are right. I just want to casually battle every once in a while against opponents not in the game and I never IV train my Pokemon but that last factor means I can't because everybody else does it, and with extremely overpowered 'Mons too. That is why I stopped playing Black and White. The VS battles against the CPUs have become extremely boring and repetitive and the areas in the region have very much been played through enough. But by the way I'm playing it's seriously IMPOSSIBLE, to find another non-serious, non-IVing, non-high-tier/legend player who's just bored with the main game. I reckon I would have a decent chance at it without the stupid IVs.

@DarkKirby ALL of your points are fantastic. That's what I would love too. If they put Gray on DS, by the way, it will just be a joke.



Chuie said:

im not getting i want ruby & sapphire remakes and a sequel to pkm XD gale of darkness

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