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Metal Gear Solid 3D Demo Heads to Europe This Week

Posted by James Newton


Want to try out Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D before its European launch? Head to the eShop this week for a trial downloadable demo.

The demo lands on Thursday as part of the regular eShop update alongside an old Game Boy favourite.

We'll have the full Nintendo Download for you in a few minutes, but in the meantime, are you excited about playing with Snake?

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sgotsch said:

I like the crush3d demo.
Looking forward to this one, really enjoying the constant stream of demos, keep it up nintendo! Really hope they are going to bring the Rayman Origins demo to Europe!



Kyoto said:

Never played the original. I'm very curious whether I will like this or not



BenAV said:

Completely undecided on whether to buy this or not so I can't wait to give it a test.



Karakato said:

Can't wait to see if they improved on the demo. I've been reading alot of impressions on the Jap demo having noticeable frame rate issues and I just hope that this is not the case. Also hoping for a demo release in NoA territory.



Blaze said:

Great! Not sure about this one, so hopefully this demo will make up my mind weather or not to buy it.



grimbldoo said:

@kyoto I think that it will be similar because the control layout was almost like it was made for nintendo. It took me forever to figure out that O was the action button and X was cancel. I personally had fun with this game, it was the first Metal Gear that I played.



Weedy said:

This news just made my Monday.

I hope there's a 'Hard Mode' play through option like there was with the Resi Revelaitons Demo. (Oops, I mean Revelations, easy mistake to make!)



FriedSquid said:

I really hope the demo comes to NA sometime soon, as I'm debating if I should buy this or not.



DarkKirby said:

Waiting for it for NA. Metal Gear Solid 3 is undoubtedly the best Metal Gear game ever made. 4 was a disaster, a disaster with admittingly amazing graphics, but the game was short, and to explain EVERYTHING via "nanomachines" and say nothing supernatural ever existed and it was all technology, when supernatural incidents and powers have been a staple of the series, was stupid. As well as the overall story of the game.



Vincent294 said:

America! And the Circle Pad Pro rules...I hope the demo supports it like RE: Revelations. Raid Mode's a blast!

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