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Get a Load of Two Dillon's Rolling Western Trailers

Posted by James Newton

Cool, armadillio

Dillon's Rolling Western is out in the eShop now, but if you want to see a bit more of the game before dropping your £9 / €10 / $9.99 we have two new videos from Nintendo.

The first is the simple launch trailer while the other gives some useful tips for mastering the game's tower defence leanings.

If you've picked the game up yet let us know what you think of it so far with a comment below.

Launch Trailer

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Gameplay Trailer

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PinkSpider said:

Im downloading this as I type dont know if its any good but it looks interesting

edit: how come we have got new games and demo's on a Wednesday?



Geonjaha said:

I think it's great. Quests, mines, secret areas, boss fights, towers...all of it.
Controls are the only downside imo in that they dont work well for lefties at first, but getting used to them isnt that hard, and after that it's a blast. Even for its price - it's the Shantae of 3DSWare.

@3 It's probably just because of all the news Nintendo put out today, it must have been better to push the downloads ahead a little this week.



19Robb92 said:

This game looks awesome. I'm thinking about downloading it tomorrow. I just love the scope of it. Looks like so much fun for some reason. Seems to be well worth the price.

Have you experienced framerate drops or any kind of lag? Since it's downloadable and has quite a huge scope I'm worried that it might not perform so well..?




I had never heard of this game until last weeks release date was announced, and I think it looked at sounded awesome! On the strength of that alone I have no downloaded it and will play it later. I was originally put off by the hefty price tag, but there's just something about a Nintendo downloadable game that makes the price unquestionable! Glad to see this released in addition to the content for tomorrow!



C-Olimar said:

@h0nden You move through them really fast, so they have to be pretty spread out , or you'll crash into everything



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I'm really not sure on if I should get this or not I do have a huge dislike of tower defence games but this game seems a lil bit more then that supposedly there's a lot of content for a 3dsware game (but pullbox has tons of content as well) but some reason I don't know why half of me is saying GET IT ITS AWESOME LOOKS AWESOME JUST GET ITTTT why the other half is saying ewwwww what in the lawd sicon? Its a tower defense game with rocks and cowboy armadillos nothing cool bout that…………… I'm confused



Eldin said:

@C-Olimar Haha, I see. But I must say it's not really that impressive when it comes to graphics. But yeah, it may be fun anyway. I'm not saying that graphics have that much meaning to how fun a game can be, but I am sure the eShop games are capable to more than this.



zenarium said:

I bought the game. The graphics could be better... The gameplay is good( a little bit hard to adapt). It is the perfect game for tower defense fans and sonic fans.

When I first saw the price(10 euros) I decided not to buy the game because I normally pay 4 or 6 euros for a e-shop game but now that I bought the game I am glad I did it.



Tate24 said:

i think graphics are great and no slowdown at all. This game has been really well done using touch screen spin and circle pad to move it feels really nature. 20 hours gameplay for 9 pound doesn't sound bad to me and throw in side quests building towers adding shotguns,gatting guns,cannons to mix and throw in some exploring and whats on offer is definitely worth the price of admission. This is a gamers game. Am up two second town and already getting harder. =)

plus there items buy, sell and equipment to purchase as well dont turn nose up. give it ago=D



daznsaz said:

got it tonight well worth it.lot more depth than i thought,plenty to do and fun to play.if you want something new and fresh get it.



komicturtle said:

Downloaded earlier this morning and loved what I played so far. 20 hours worth of gameplay is a lot. Shame I had to send my 3DS in for repair, so it's going to be held off for a little while



ToxieDogg said:

How many blocks does this take up? I'm considering it, but I've downloaded loads of DSiWare and VC games and I've got tons of stuff on my SD card at the moment (not least of all Mighty Switch Force at a hefty 1618 blocks!)



retrox said:

GRAAAR!!! $9.99? My E-Shop account is like 15 cents short! Stupid stupid sales taxes! Guess I'll get it this weekend. Sigh.



DamnataAnimus said:

Bought it right away, have been following this game for a short while. Well worth the price IMO it is a lot of fun!



Omenapoika said:

Grhm, I've got so mixed feelings about this. Looks too wacky in a bad way, also it just seems to be following the trends of most liked dlc-game genres and slamming an unimaginative zoroark as the main character (not to mention the super terrifying enemy stones).
But it seems to have a lot borrowed from Zelda (another unimaginative trait that's off putting, but might be a promise of something worthwhile) and the game seems to be made with nice care.
Price isn't bad, so if the promises are kept, the game should be one of the eShop's best. But it really looks cheap, wacky and cardboardy.



Mok said:

I played this for a few hours last night and I have mixed feelings about this game. Not sure if I like it or not. The graphics are okey, the music is very good and I suppose there is an interesting gameplay hidden there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. I'll stick with it a while longer but I can't say I'm blown away just yet.



PinkSpider said:

@Mok I have to agree I'm not sure what I think of it at the moment, it's still early and I have only played the first 3 waves. Its not blowing me away but I'm gonna stick with it I hope there is more to it than just rolling around and attacking enemies while setting up turrets, but I don't think there us.
But I have paid for it and I will unlock everything



Terave said:

I was excited when I watched the trailer. But when I saw the price... well, I wasn't sure of getting it anymore. However I'm now thinking to get it anyway, I've still got €24,- left after I download Pushmo.



PinkSpider said:

Has anyone else noticed the Zelda style chest opening, thought that was quite cool.
And also does anyone see a resemblance to no more heroes when you engage an enemy in battle, literally just the bit when it goes black and white and you get that sound.



3dbrains said:

I bought this game! It starts slow but then get very cool very quickly.
Just give it a chance.
It is like a Zelda adventure mixed with 3Dsonic rolling with final fantasy type battles but in realtime...and tower defense sprinkled on the top for good measure.
You get attacked by waves of baddies, you can run around attacking and killing each and win, or you can build towers to help you. During fights you warp to a battle arena and have to take out all the baddies (grogs) but during this fight the other grogs on your map are still getting closer to the castle and can still attack it, so this is a pretty action packed game.
I love it so far. Village 3 complete

Yes I noticed this too, very cool, even has the NMH noise as the battle enters.
quite a lot of Zelda love in this game. and sonic. and pixeljunk monsters.

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