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Reggie: Wii U to Boast a "Full Range of Entertainment"

Posted by James Newton

The big man speaks

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime's CES "interview" with Spike TV didn't give anything major away — games and dates remain a mystery — but he did speak in very broad terms about Nintendo's vision for its upcoming console.

Talking about the plan to continue broadening the Wii install base, Fils-Aime naturally pointed to the controller, hinting at its applications in a broader sense than just gaming:

Fundamentally the way we will do that is with the Wii U controller. It's got a built-in touch screen, it's got all of your standard game buttons in the front, in the back and what it will do is create a two screen gaming experience. That's where the innovation is and we believe that not only for gaming but for a full range of entertainment it's going to continue pushing the boundaries.

Wii allows streaming video through Netflix or BBC iPlayer of course, but its multimedia offering is undeniably lagging behind Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We've heard hints that Wii U will get E-Reader capabilities and a full on Wii U App store — could that be what Fils-Aime's hinting at?


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Angel_Fur said:

The multimedia hub nonsense can go hang itself. Tell us about the games, please! Remember: this was billed by Reginald as the console for 'U' the gamer, not just 'Wii' the family.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Reggie's quite good at stating the obvious and throwing around rallying calls. It must be a pure joy to talk to him.



kyuubikid213 said:

I want a pure gaming system. I don't mind if other things are tossed in there, but games are the most important.



NintyMan said:

I don't see much of anything new in this article, but I'm patient because the information will get out eventually. The other article that just got posted reinforces that point.



WaveBoy said:

Looks like a half way step in innovation(Ya i know, a complete and way too early bogus to be unique and innovative with all of the possible 2nd screen elements, but a step down in pointer control mechanics like using the wii remote as a gun, sword ect ect which wouldn't work with the Wii U controller...Maybe as Link's Shield.

When the next Zelda for ex hits the Wii U, there's no way in hell that i'd go back to traditional Wii U controls by pressing buttons to swing Link's sword and the like. a complete MASSIVE step back compared to Skywad sword while adding a 'different' innovative coating on top of it all with touch screen mechanics for ex....One major massive step back, and one totaly different and unique step forward. Either way, i'd MUCH rather stick with Wii motion plus/Nunchuck combo...

And i can't wait until the day when main stream systems go virtual reality. Wii pointer controls are the closest thing main steam-wise in Metroid Prime 3 for example that kind of takes you there.

Anyways, for stuff like Zelda Wii U, i could care less about using the Wii U Controller. Give me Wii remote Plus/Nunchuck controls, 1080p HD graphics and 3D baby. If anything i really wish NIntendo would of designed a new nunchuck.....Make it wireless and give it some sort of better gyro pointer control function ect ect.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I have to open my yapper and say that if I could include one thing into the console that doesn't appear to be part of it, is being able to play Wii games in HD.
I mean, I can play classic X-Box games on the 360 in 720p, why can't the Wii-U support classic Wii games in the same way?
I know it's not that important next to everything else, but I would love to play Mario Galaxy parts one and two in HD, that would be amazing.



bezerker99 said:

@Waveboy - Nintendo has already said the Wii remotes will be compatible and used with the Wii U. (So, don't pack them away just quite yet!)




Is he suggesting that it can also act as a media device? I would totally love this console if they included a Blu-Ray player.



motang said:

Well that's good to know. But I really just care about Netflix, as I am hooked on it.



WaveBoy said:

Speaking of NetFlix, when in the hellzo' is Breaking Bad 'Season 4' going to be available?....Er, going off topic aside.



Malkeor said:

Eh...nothing really surprising. This was to be expected right? We all knew it was gonna be an entertainment hub....

Waiting for more surprising news and most importantly, details..

@8 and it saddens me because I think I mentioned I wanted the same up-scaling on some thread and was shot down saying they already said it wasn't going to happen. Which is a pity....I hope they reconsider...



Rapadash6 said:

It'd be suicide to put a console out these days that DIDN'T do more than just play games.



bauckster said:

I think having an E-Reader added on would be pretty cool indeed... but I agree that they have to keep the wii motion plus and nunchuk options widely available. From what I have read/heard, the new controller buttons are annoyingly soft/mushy. I'm not digging that so much.



grumblebuzzz said:

The Wii U just really needs the games to push consoles into homes. Nintendo hopefully learned its lesson with the 3DS launch: it doesn't matter how innovative or amazing a gaming console is, if you don't have the big games primed and ready when it launches, it won't sell. Here's hoping Nintendo EAD is already crafting the next Mario to launch with the Wii U.



Ryno said:

Reggie is the King Koopa when it comes to saying a whole lot of nothing. The only "range of entertainiment" I really care about is HD and 3D Nintendo games.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Well yeah as long as we get heaps of good games they can do all the apps they want. Preferrably ones that feel unique on the WiiU of course.
But this got me thinking about if the WiiU really won't have multi-touch. Most people should be used to it in their apps and find it quite comfy. Will they bother with a different input scheme ?



Michi said:

This pad has all the buttons of the 3DS, AND a touchscreen. AND he said they wanted a dual-screen gaming experience. Imagine if this thing ends up being DS/3DS compatible with an HD upscaler? They have EVERYTHING they need to do it.



Neram said:

Damn, will this need for multimedia game systems never end!? Having the ability to watch movies and listen to music does not enhance gameplay in any way and that's what a game console is all about: games. It's better to buy standalone media devices, that way when they crap out it's easier to replace them. You don't see DVD and Blu-Ray players that play video games do you? To be fair though, I suppose it's not entirely a bad thing to have media capabilities but that should not be the main focus of a game system! Everyone made a huge fuss over the GameCube not being able to play DVD's, which was stupid considering DVD is now obsolete anyway so they missed out on a potentially great system.



ueI said:

@Neram: Not to mention that I usually already have said media device before buying a console, rendering the hyped up multimedia features useless.



Gold_Ranger said:

What else would make this a "Full Range of Entertainment" System?



Capt_N said:

Indeed, firstly it should be a game system, & secondly I actually enjoy all the extra media features; the photo channel gets used quite often in my home at holidays. But definitely I want Nintendo to make it, & concentrate on it being first, & foremost a video game system.

If the system is a great/awesome game machine, & did fancy media tricks, then Nintendo would have my attn. But if they make it just a media machine, then as that guy says in Mario Golf: Advance Tour: "No Ticket, No Dice!", or is it "No Tickie, No Dice!"?

But yeah, I'd find it awesome if WiiU could (wirelessly) access photos/videos/music from my wifi networked pcs, similar to I think they're called SetTop boxes aren't they? Like Roku for example.

@WaveBoy: #7, & @Bezerker99: #10 Interesting points. I wonder if over the course of the WiiU, Nintendo will release tweaked/enhanced nunchuck controllers, & also another tweaked/enhanced version of the Wiimote, as of course that's already been tinkered w/ once to get the Motion+.

One last thing, I know I'm gonna sound like a parrot, repeating myself, but if all the WiiU will be is just a media-box, not game machine, then I probably won't want it, esp. if the competition can do gaming, & media center-esque functions.



Gamer83 said:

I miss the days when gaming consoles were simply about gaming. I do actually like the PS and Xbox brands, but Sony and MS certainly brought stuff that has changed this industry and not for the better.

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