What tricks does this controller hold?

Though we're yet to receive an exact release date, we know the Wii U will hit during the second half of 2012. One guarantee as release approaches is that wild speculation and rumour will run rampant. Today's contender: a Wii U 'App Store'.

It goes without saying that there'll be an equivalent to the current Wii Shop providing digital game content and, more than likely, some form of Virtual Console. According to unnamed sources, however, Nintendo is currently developing an app store more in line with current Android and Apple equivalents.

In addition to gaming downloads this new service could be distinguished by more non-gaming products, which could conceivably include services such as digital magazines, varied video streaming options and practical lifestyle apps. There are plenty of possibilities, with rumours also suggesting that these apps may work as standalone entities on the Wii U controller.

We'd take these rumours with a pinch of salt, but speculation is fun. What kind of apps would you like to see on a shiny new Wii U?

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