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Mon 16th February, 2009

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Michi commented on Feature: Celebrating 25 Years Of A Legendary F...:

I've been replaying this recently, using only one Female Human and one Female Mutant. My only real complaint is how annoying it is to keep up with the random spell changes after a battle. You have to look at the spells and save after every battle to keep from losing the best magic.



Michi commented on This Metroid Game Boy Advance Design is a Treat:

Am I the only one who finds it a little bit awkward this this GBA features Samus' original armor color when the mod was released in honor of Fusion...where her armor color was completely different? If they'd released it for Zero Mission, then ok, lol.



Michi commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

Nintendo is definitely missing out. Falcom put tons of soundtracks from their entire back catalog of CDs onto iTunes, and as a result I've spent infinitely more money than I ever would have trying to buy physical import CDs. There's no need to torrent any Falcom music ever thanks to their iTunes support (unless you're just massively poor), and I think Nintendo could make a lot of quick money by following suit. Furthermore, I think this would fit in with their strategy of using smartphones to get people interested in Nintendo products without putting actual games on the platform. VERY missed opportunity, here!



Michi commented on Reggie: Wii U to Boast a "Full Range of Entert...:

This pad has all the buttons of the 3DS, AND a touchscreen. AND he said they wanted a dual-screen gaming experience. Imagine if this thing ends up being DS/3DS compatible with an HD upscaler? They have EVERYTHING they need to do it.



Michi commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

This is fantastic! The collectors box and booklets and things look really nice, the soundtrack is cool (even if it isn't massive or anything) and the I've been waiting to play this game again. I always loved the All-Stars version of these, so I really can't wait. $30 is so reasonable, too! Thanks Nintendo!



Michi commented on Review: Water Warfare (WiiWare):

Let's see, I can put on a cute loli dress, get a supersoaker and some water balloons, and deathmatch people online? Yes please!



Michi commented on Hudson Not Abandoning Virtual Console After All?:

I definitely want to see these games here, with major emphasis on Dracula X. Yes, I have it on the PSP, but I just don't care for the way it emulates on that system.

Ai Cho Aniki (TG16)
Cotton (TG16)
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (TG16)
Magical Chase (TG16)
Parodius (TG16)
Ys III and IV (TG16)