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Get Into this Rhythm Heaven Fever Teaser Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Contains a lot of monkeys

Rhythm Heaven Fever is just one month away in North America, and Nintendo is upping the tempo with a new teaser trailer.

Showing off a selection of bizarre games — our favourite is the high-fiving monkeys on a clock face — the game's certainly lost none of its imagination in the transition to Wii.

Here's the trailer to get you amped up for its 13th February release.

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Emaan said:

First comment! I would just like to say, I LOVED Rhythm Heaven on the DS (:
I don't know yet if I'll get this but its nice to see Nintendo continue this could-be franchise!



JakobG said:

I can't wait for the rest of the voices, especially Wrestler's Words.
I've watched a lot of japanese footage, so I got used to the original voices.



jer18 said:

Didn't hear of this until now, the voices crack me up. From watching the trailer, I'd expected this to be WiiWare..



zeeroid said:

Easily one of my most highly anticipated games of 2012. Caaaaaaaan't wait!



bauckster said:

So, mostly I'm really excited. Looks very creative and fun. But...there's a small part of me that wonders if this game would start to get annoying after a while - it's soooo quirkily Japanese, some of the music could maybe get a little irritating,,,? I'm not sure, I've never played Rhythm Heaven on DS, Maybe it'd only be potentially annoying for spectators. Anyone have thoughts on this?



TTGlider said:

This will amaze and delight me for years to come. The only thing I don't care for is the cheesy text at the bottom of the box art.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Compared to this the even the WarioWare games look boring. Love it.
@bauckster (9.): If you're anything like me you'll be too busy keeping up with the rhythm to think about that.



sinalefa said:

I still haven't beaten the DS one, but they don't exclude each other! I am definitely getting this one day one!



citizenerased said:

GBA Rhythm Heaven > DS rhythm heaven

mostly cause button pressing works better than flicking, so this might top both!



Link977 said:

This is an instant buy for me, I remember buying the DS one and just expecting a regular game, but I was wrong, I played that game for hours! Got 100% as well on it!

Now if only the GBA version would come to the 3DS Virtual Console!
c'mon nintendo, release those GBA games already!

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