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Brighten Up Your Day with Colors! 3D Screenshots

Posted by James Newton

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While we wait for a release date for Colors! 3D, the developer Collecting Smiles has released the first 3D screenshots of the game online.

The shots are available at 3DS Screenshot, though you'll find one 3D shot embedded in the post below: simply load up this page in your 3DS web browser and tap the image below to open it up in 3D.

Don't forget to check out our Colors! 3D eShop Interview with Collecting Smiles.



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TeeJay said:

That screenshot already looks great in 2D. I'll check it out in 3D in a little bit.



Late said:

I want to know the release date! Gonna take a look at those pictures soon.



johnnyMac said:

I can't wait for this to come out, now I can do small portraits on the train!



bboy2970 said:

Those shots look amazing! This is probably my most anticipated eShop release among all the software we currently know about. Need a release date NOW!!



warioswoods said:

If you're lazy like me, you don't want to pull up the entire site on your 3DS and then browse to the 3D image.

So, you can just hit L or R from your 3DS menu and scan this QR code to be taken directly to the mpo:




Freelance said:

Can you save drawings you make and send them to people without the program? If not then I'll stick with Swapnote.

Oh what I could do as an alternative is to insert the saved drawing into Swapnote and send. That could work.

Oh wait. I just realized it's all about painting and I'm awful at it. If it let me draw like a pencil then I'd be more interested. Can anyone confirm?



SkywardLink98 said:

@11: If it let you save the image as a picture you could send it via swapnote. All stationary changes the photos a little but if you set it to specific ones (Like the fish one) the the photo will be full size, just with minor edits. (Such as the fish one has transparent blue fish occasionally swim across the screen)



Freelance said:

@14, Thanks. I still dunno if I should get it though since I'm very bad at colouring stuff. I can draw a bit, but not colour.

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