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Tue 17th Jan 2012

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johnnyMac commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Has No Multiplayer:

I want the game especially because I held off getting it and it sounds like fun to have it on the go and if they do anything with the 3D, but would it have been that difficult to implement in the first place? Next they'll be telling us they cut half the levels...



johnnyMac commented on CRUSH 3D Delayed Again in North America:

The game was supposed to come out in September, delayed due to iffy future of 3DS and is now delayed again. This has been one of the games I've been looking forward to since I bought the 3DS. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.



johnnyMac commented on CRUSH3D:

@Jfilesguy actually the original Crush came out little over a month after Super Paper Mario, meaning the two were either being developed at the same time. Though it's more likely since Zoe mode, the creators of Crush are a smaller studio than intelligent systems (SPM) they might have been working on Crush before IS was working on SPM.

The original was fun and this is a game that needs to be in 3D.