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Colors! 3D is a simple yet robust painting application that combines ease of use and powerful painting tools.

Based on modern painting techniques originally developed for professional drawing tablets, Colors! 3D is tailored for touch screen devices, and caters to everyone from serious artists to aimless doodlers. Whether you are looking to sketch, paint, or draw up your next plans for world domination, Colors! 3D is the perfect digital sketchbook.

  • Create and view your own 3D paintings for the very first time
  • Connect to the online Colors! 3D gallery to share and celebrate your works with the world
  • Paint together with a friend on a shared canvas using the Nintendo 3DS Local Play
  • For those who like to stay within the lines, Colors! 3D comes with an assortment of coloring pages

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Color! us impressed

There’s something that needs to be said about applications on the 3DS, and that’s simply that there should be many more of them. Not only should there be more apps, but there should also be some really great apps that take a simple concept and turn it...

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ADTR said:

I remembered when this developer started out with DS homebrew! I thought it was one of the greatest homebrew available at the time (not to mention great artwork was made on it) and what do you know! He/She released it in the appstore and now finally it's coming to the nintendo store



Kitsune_Rei said:

I'm really looking forward to this, everything I've read about it looks like its a good and well thought-out program, though I'm rather sad it looks like it was originally intended to be out in 2011 and we still don't have a date? Anyhow still can't wait



metafaniel said:

I saw this game in "Nintendo Show 3D" and it seems quite interesting. I really love to draw in Swapnote and I would really enjoy Flipnote Memo when it's finally released (anyone knows something about it???) and this game seems quite quite well too! BUT I'll wait for NL review to decide if I'll get it day one or not!
If only this game allow to export the images and to insert them in Swapnote without loosing the 3D effect would be AWESOME =D =)



metafaniel said:

@Flam Hey thanks for the link! Nice interview Even if I'll buy this app day one (tomorrow!!) I wish there are reviews available to read as soon as possible Will NintendoLife do one? =D =)



Kitsune_Rei said:

I got this, and I have to say, its everything I would have wanted in a 3DS drawing app and then some. Seriously, its well worth the cost. If you have any interest in drawing, get it.

Why its awesome:
Great tutorials teach you everything quickly
Great tools: Eyedropper, Undo, Huge color wheel, Hard or Soft brush, Slider for brush width and opacity
Great features: 5 layers of 3D, Zoom in and out to work in greater detail, Playback of a drawing being made to learn how it was made, Draw with a local friend
Easy to use controls
Make a copy at any point, or export to the SD card photo album to share- Exports are in higher resolution than the 3DS screen!
Online gallery at colors-3d.com : Easily upload to share online, View other user's works in the online gallery through the app in 3D and fav and comment on them, They actually allow some 18+ art (it is screened from users underage or unlogged-in visitors)



jhuhn said:

This is a must have! I've made a few art drawings in 3D and they all turned out great.



Bassman_Q said:

@Flowerlark I just checked out the paintings you did cuz I was bored. GREAT JOB! They were all gorgeous, and I especially liked the Pansy, Dark Mountain, and Sakura Samurai ones. Keep up the great work!



Samholy said:

impressive application. but be warned that coloring on a tiny screen can be deceiving or cramp friendly.

im curious to try it on a 3DS XL.



supertskill said:

love this app
when i first got it i thought it sucked and the only thing you could do was paint and that`s it, but when i found out what gallery was i was happy it`s online.
you can create your own profile and chat online

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