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Japanese 3DS Sales Hit New High in Christmas Week

Posted by James Newton

How high can it go?

3DS sales have been steadily growing in Japan over the past few weeks, with the week leading up to Christmas the busiest for the console yet.

Enterbrain (via Andriasang) reports Nintendo sold a staggering 510,629 3DS consoles in the week before Christmas, topping the record of 367,691 set in the previous week.

Since February, Nintendo has sold 4,135,739 3DS consoles across Japan; for comparison, Nintendo sold roughly 4,040,000 GameCube consoles over that machine's entire lifespan. GameCube didn't have Monster Hunter 3 G, though.

Both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have now topped the 1m sales mark across Japan; SM3DL stands at 1.04m and MK7 at 1.08m.


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axis1500 said:

But, wait, I thought Nintendo would be doomed once the Vita was released?!

Seriously, though, I read on another site that the 3DS sales have now exceeded the lifetime sales of the GameCube in Japan.




Massive change of fortunes for Nintendo over the last couple of months. Even the Wii sales have made a surge. The consoles do deserve big sales however



47drift said:

I knew it was a good idea to buy 99 stocks in the 3DS district.

(I gotta stop playing Fortune Street, it's getting in my head)



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow that's awesome, can't wait to get a 3DS of my own sometime early next year, MK7 & SML3D look heaps fun



Scissors said:

That's kind of embarrassing for the Game Cube, the 3DS sold more in less than a year. That's hard to believe, I feel like I didn't read that right.



metafaniel said:

Even if time ago was stated that the reduction of the 3DS original price will affect them with loss, they'll be gaining much more just for the fact of the console's expansion throughout the world, they'll continue to dominate the market with a lot of presence and of course they won't be loosing at all =)



NintyMan said:

Those are amazing numbers, but that is a shame on the old Gamecube, though. I thought the games for it were good.

You can count on Monster Hunter and Mario to push sales. It's slightly surprising that Mario Kart is faring better than Mario 3D Land, but I guess Mario Kart was released more recently. Both ought to contiue to do well, so let's push on into 2012!



super-nintendo said:

Congrats 3DS and Nintendo! I love my new 3DS. This system blew my expectations out the water. I love the eShop and the 3D looks amazingly sharp. I have 8 games already between retail and eShop with many more on my mind. Kid Icarus looks amazing. Check out the eShop preview.



Hokori said:

oh yeah nintendos doomed alright even if the PS4 sells more then the Wii U nintendo isnt going anywhere



komicturtle said:

3DS is doing FAAAR better than DS in the same time frame. Things are looking up. Dedicated gaming handhelds are here to stay. And I see lots of kids with 3DSes now.. It's catching on.

Hope Vita does well in a year (just came out anyhow). More competition = everyone wins



Eldin said:

I don't think comparing console sales with handheld console sales are especially fair though. They are just too different from eachother. But if it would exceed the Gameboy Advance for instance, that would be marvelous.

Not that the numbers look bad, but anyway. I am looking forward to a quality of great games coming up in 2012.



Spoony_Tech said:

^Where I would agree that they are different. The line is getting more blurred everyday. Just look at up coming games like resident evil or kid Icarus. These type of games were not possible just a few short years ago. Now with the 3ds and vita. Who knows how far that line can get even further blurred! Sure it will never make a great fps the screen is just to small. For the other franchises though the sky is the limit!



bboy2970 said:

Awesome to see that the 3DS has really picked up steam. I hate to admit it but its a good thing the Vita didn't come out sooner. if it had hit the 3DS like a month or two after its launch, it might have never recovered. Now that its built itself up though, I see no real threat from the Vita. And if Monster Hunter 4 turns out to be 3DS exclusive, Sony can kiss this competition good bye :3



wolfhound91W said:

Wow. Wait until MH4, which is supposed to be a global release. Also Kid Icarus, Tekken, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Paper Mario, too many to list. The eShop has been adding games with a quickness. What if they end up releasing another Smash Bros.? The sky is the limit. Nintendo is the leading innovator in the video game industry. Who would Microsoft and Sony copy if there were no Nintendo?



JayceJa said:

to people who are surprised about that gamecube stat, remember that was a time before the wii;
the wii normalized nintendo products among an entire new market that they now have to sell the 3ds too, its really not a surprise to me that its outsold it
gaming in general has also exploded in population since that time

skyrim similarly almost outsold oblivions lifetime sales in a month

great news for the 3ds though, its shaping up to almost be the console that SHOULD have been released



GlasS said:

Not surprised. I don't get the anti- Microsoft and Sony thing going on though... they're only companies trying to make money, and yes, they HAVE come out with lots of original things, but with Nintendo spanning back into the 1800's they pretty much beat everyone to the draw.



wolfhound91W said:

I am not anti-Microsoft, I love my XBOX 360, but I am anti-Sony, and I have the right to be. This website IS named nintendolife. Nintendo came out with the touchscreen handheld, and Sony later came out with the PSP. The Wii was copied with the Move and Kinect. The Wii-U which will interface the home console to a touchscreen handheld, will more than likely be copyed with the PS4/Vita. Nintendo takes the risks and that's why they are the leader. It has nothing to do with ...spanning back into the 1800s; Look how that turned out for Sega. All I'm saying is that you have to respect Nintendo because they have shaped the industry of video games more than any other company. What's the point of making a big announcement like this if you can't throw it in Sony's face, lol?



BlueAce127 said:

(Sigh) Why do console wars have to exist! I prefer Nintendo; but that doesn't mean that I hate Microsoft/Sony! Anyways, it's VERY NICE to see that Nintendo's doing excellent with the 3DS.

Here's to an awesome 2012!

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