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Three Brand New Zelda Skyward Sword Trailers

Posted by James Newton

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It's Friday, and that means one thing: time to get down.

It also means time to check out some brand new footage of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, with three trailers to choose from this week: Goddess Cubes, Eldin Volcano and the Earth Temple, all right here.

Skyward Sword is just four weeks away. Getting excited?

Goddess Cubes

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Eldin Volcano

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Earth Temple

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User Comments (25)



shingi_70 said:

wish i had a wii. May be the first thing I play when I get a wii u next year.



Vriess said:

The games this fall are so awesome and Skyward Sword tops em all!



Megumi said:

Link opens chest
What is it, what is it?
screen fades out



Punny said:

As tempted as I am to watch these videos, I'm saving the game's many surprises for Christmas. I don't want to spoil everything.



Ichabod said:

Don't worry, the videos don't really tell much of anything. They're just clips we've all seen already repasted together in a different way. I almost got excited for new videos. lol

There also seemed to be a lack of music in them. While there was some, I've grown used to the constant feed of continuous music in Zelda (or any game with 8 bit roots). Hope there's more audio in the final version.



Blaze said:

I already have the Limited Edition Pre Ordered. I think SM3DL might have to wait a few hours until I've had my first go with Skyward Sword!



i8cookie said:

how many zelda trailers are there going to be? I want to play through the game myself not watch the whole thing on video! I've only watch that main one that was released a while ago, stop tempting me!



J-Forest-Esq said:

Blimey. Link cut that parachute jump a bit fine. He couldn't have been more than two metres above the ground when he opened it.



grumblebuzzz said:

SS looks great but I'm more stoked for new Mario right now. Gonna have to wait on it since it's pricey (I don't have WM+) and my funds are limited to one game this holiday season.



rafaelluik said:

Ok I watched the third trailer: The frogs don't attack you?
When running from fireballs: just keep at the center. o.O

Graphics: Can't they put more detailed textures?



19Robb92 said:

They do attack. But not in that footage. I saw it on another video some time ago. They have something that looks like a spike-ball on their tails and whip it at you, the arm seems to be for protection only.



opeter said:

Can, please, someone explain me something: I never played any of these Zelda games.

From the look it seems like the gameplay is similar to God of War (I played it a bit at a friend) and such.
Are these games similar to the 3D version of Sonic, Rayman, Ratchet and Clank, etc? Is it a type of 3D platformer, or what?

Thank you in advance.



19Robb92 said:

Zelda is kind of hard to explain. It's special, not many games like it out on the market today. If you've played Okami you should know what you're getting yourself in to. It's 'kind of' like Zelda.

But no, it's not a 3D platformer or like God of War. It's a Action/Adventure/Puzzle game with minor RPG elements. You have a big world to explore, you have a main quest/story to follow which is often quite straight forward, you obtain new items on your travels throughout the world and use these items to progress further and further in to the game.

Usually there's some side quests to do away from the main story and A LOT of things to collect that will make your arsenal stronger or give you additional items that will help you.

The puzzles are usually in the dungeons you travel to, to find items or treasures. But in this game I think there'll be puzzles put out pretty much everywhere.

It's one of the best games on the market. You should definitely try it out if you get the chance.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@21 opeter: Zelda is a bit like God of War, but it's not so linear. While God of War has you moving from A to B, Zelda has you exploring a huge world. In the world you'll find dungeons that play out very similarly to the Pandora's Temple level of GoW. The dungeons are the main sections of the game where you find a new item/weapon, and have some boss to kill. However unlike GoW, Nintendo has yet to ruin it's boss fights with quick time events.

GoW does place a much higher emphasis on action, and fighting your enemies.



Cia said:

Also, Zelda is about interaction with other characters in the game world. All the characters are completely different from each other, and you usually end up doing a variety of quests for these personalities. There are a lot of weird characters in the game - some of them are almost disturbing in their weirdness.
The overall feeling of a Zelda game is one something in the lines of "mystical fantasy". It's pretty hard to describe.

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