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Symphonic Concert is the Latest 3D Nintendo Video

Posted by James Newton

Quick, to the 3DS!

Calm down, fans of three-dimensional footage of orchestras rehearsing: today is about to be your best day ever.

Nintendo of Europe has just released a 3D video of the Berlin Philharmoniker via SpotPass, as the world famous orchestra rehearses a performance of Russian Dance from Stravinsky's Petrushka, of course.

By now you've stopped reading this and are eagerly watching the 3D video over and over again.


Nintendo is giving you the chance to receive a 3D performance by the world famous Berliner Philharmoniker through SpotPass. Available now via Nintendo Video™, the video shows an orchestral rehearsal of the “Russian Dance” from Igor Stravinsky’s Petrushka filmed in full 3D. The Berlin Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute recorded the performance using their state of the art 3D equipment to showcase the classic performance more vividly and realistically than ever before.

The Berliner Philharmoniker has been at the forefront of introducing new audio visual technology for almost one hundred years; from taking part in the first audio recording of a symphony in 1913, to the first audio CD recording in 1981 and in 2010 the first recording of a classical performance in 3D.

The launch of the Berliner Philharmoniker 3D performance via Nintendo 3DS is the latest affiliation with a number of organisations that will deliver content to Nintendo Video users across Europe.

The exciting 3D download of the Berliner Philharmoniker is available on Nintendo Video for a limited time.

The SpotPass feature on Nintendo 3DS allows you to automatically receive a host of exciting content such as 3D videos for Nintendo Video, notifications, add-on data for your software and system updates without lifting a finger. SpotPass content can be received automatically and free of charge from thousands of supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe and through wireless broadband internet connections at home. It works even if the system is in Sleep Mode.

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shingi_70 said:

haven't got it yet. may have to look through the manuel but I still haven't seen the spotpass light glow. I just happen to go into apps and have an update.



Jingles said:

Hm, 3D Machine rerun instead. Oh well, I'm sure I'd like that better then Symphonic Concert anyways.



TikiTong said:

First, one of my boxes doent load any vids, so I have only 3 vids, second, I only ever get reruns!!!!



LztheQuack said:

"Nintendo of Europe has just released a 3D video of the Berlin Philharmoniker via SpotPass..." Gasp, I guess it's not in America



zdyoshikpl said:

Europe gets these videos and I get stupid Blue Man Group? Europe Gets Xenoblade, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower and US gets nothing? Europe gets RE Revelations a few days before US? My, the tables have turned.



Milkman-123 said:


lol, i did read, but not all the way through. ;0 it just feels sh*tty when europeans get an amazing symphony and all america gets is some hot air balloon video with a misleading title. whatever. its not like europe was ever as good as america(no racism) when it comes to nintendo. i mean, europe never gets anything america gets, or its REALLY late. europe deserves something nice. but if it were the ZELDA symphony, i would have thrown a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR sh*t fit! xD



Geonjaha said:

I think everyone got theirs last week. To be honest I found the Meerkat advert more enjoyable. :3



warioswoods said:

Dang, hope this comes to NA. I'm a big Stravinsky fan, and particularly love Petrushka. Yes, I'm serious.



theJOE said:

i had this last week along with a rerun of oscars oasis we are only a couple of months into nintendo video and we are already getting reruns



AlbertoC said:

Meh, there we go again, separating people based on "regions". What's their problem with not making the video available worldwide?

Aside: I never complain about everything being in english.



Kagamine said:

@milkman-123 xenoblade...........
Last Story.................
Pandora's tower................................

Ya Europe misses everything good......
actually personally the only of those 3 i like the look of is Last story, but whatever, still point made



Henmii said:

I sense a lot of sarcasm in this article! Anyway: Nintendo promised FULL 3D movies on the 3DS! When is that happening?! So far they only gave the people small movies...and this!



StarDust4Ever said:

We have gotten numerous "short" movies, which fit the definition nicely: Many of them have simple plots, with an intro, a conflict, and finally a resolution. Like in the Dinosaur Office skit, or the little block people. Yes, they still count as movies, even if most of them are onlyn 3-4 minutes in length. Blue Man doesn't hold my attention that long, though, but they're short anyway. And what's up with the Red Bull extreme bicycle crash videos? I believe they are buying the space.



Raptor78 said:

I got this ages ago and it isnt due to expire yet so this isnt even a rerun yet... or does this mean its getting a time extension?



theblackdragon said:

guys, we get the press release, we report the news — and so did every other gaming outlet, if you google it. take it up with Nintendo if you're wondering why it was announced a week late. :3



Raptor78 said:

This is Nintendo Europe we are talking about here. There next press release will be for the release of their new handheld console that has a monochrome display and uses AA batteries. lol



Ren said:

Whats with the sarcasm in this story? This sounds better than most of whats been on there so far. Come on, N-life, we're not all 15 years old here. Typical that we're not getting it here, I hope it comes eventually -



Raptor78 said:

The video is actually very good and the 3D effects work well because you see plenty of depth in the orchestra.
Even though it isnt what everybody would be interested in, its still worth checking out if it ever goes stateside.
Im hoping that we get the Dreamworks goodies that you guys have been getting sometime soon.



Ren said:

um, that's what I was saying. The story seems to be poking fun at it and I don't get why.



Raptor78 said:

Oh, I know you were not complaining or being sarcastic about the video. I was backing up what you were saying and hopefully people who may not have done already will check it out.



carson said:

Blue Man Group is soo lame! There's a new one like every other day!

That Monsters VS Aliens short film was enjoyable. It makes me hopeful to see Netflix in 3D!

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