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Nintendo Social Responsibility Report Makes Fascinating Reading

Posted by James Newton

"Putting smiles on faces" paramount

Nintendo is all about creating games, but it's also a huge company with all the business stuff that entails: shareholders, finance sheets and stacks of paperwork. Business documents can be exceedingly boring, but when Nintendo's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report starts with a message of "Bringing Surprise and Delight to Our Customers", you know it'll be OK.

The in-depth report covers Nintendo's responsibilities to its employees, production partners and consumers, detailing everything from childcare provisions to inspections carried out to ensure factory workers are treated fairly.

Nintendo's over-arching philosophy is repeated often in the document: "to develop products that will bring smiles and a sense of wonder to more and more people".

If you find yourself with a spare five minutes, flick through the Nintendo CSR report to learn things you never knew you wanted to know.


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bezerker99 said:

....printing this out and binding....perfect throneroom reading material! Thx!!!!



bonesy91 said:

Well I was playing my 3DS last night discovering new things and my face was beaming with delight.

Nintendo, for me, you've done your job



Odnetnin said:

I felt the read was too short, personally. I also want to talk to Iwata and tell him that StreetPass doesn't work in America nearly as well as it might in Japan, and tell him to focus on improving online communication instead. He's a swell guy, though.



pntjr said:

Oh wow. Just wow. This reminds me why i choose Nintendo over Sony, Microsoft, and Apple.



Gery said:

Sorry. One of my fave genres, rpg's is no longer supported by Nintendo in the NA market. I am NOT smiling. I anticipate this policy to continue with the release of the Wii-U in said market. Nope, not smiling at all.



Omenapoika said:

Japanese business ideals are a tad different from those of America or Europe. Every company tries to be super cool and approachable, but since Nintendo works in hearty entertainment with smooth image, it must go through extra effort keep up the image. Some of the statistics were fun to read, like the CO2 emissions (in cubic tons/employee:
2008: 4,3
2009: 3,9
2010: 3,9

But that was so much sweet words, that if even most of it is based on reality, Nintendo doesn't seem to be doing too bad.



Yanchamaru said:

"Bringing Surprise and Delight to Our Customers" - I guess Reggie forgot to read this report.



Token_Girl said:

No doubt Sony and Microsoft release CSR reports. It's pretty much a must for any major business, nowadays. These reports generally detail the good things they do for employees, the environment, community service activities, and donations to charities. I would imagine given all of Bill Gate's work with his foundation's, Microsoft's would actually be more impressive. Much of the stuff listed is pretty "soft" (eg. green procurement 'seminars' for factories in China but the report does not outline the process by which these factories are actually audited).



littlebigplanet said:

Nintendo, putting a smile on my face is an understatement. I found out about the game n watch in 3DS sound yesterday, and it just made my day! leave it to nintendo to put something so unnecasary as that in a feature like 3DS sound.. I still love face raiders!

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