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Heroes of Ruin Offers Over 80,000 Weapons to Loot

Posted by James Newton

You'll need big pockets

Square Enix dungeon crawler Heroes of Ruin isn't going to disappoint those who love to loot: the game's producer Tim Schwalk has told Siliconera there are over 80,000 weapons available.

The game offers four classes — Gunslinger, Vindicator, Alchitect and Savage — each with over 20,000 weapons to equip, with a Borderlands-style weapon randomiser to keep things fresh.

With all those weapons you'd expect a huge amount of menu-navigating to slow things down, but if you find something on the floor that you want to equip simply walk over it and press Up on the D-Pad.

Completionists and Borderlands veterans will recognise the improbability of seeing all those weapons, but the game's StreetPass mode should bring that dream closer to reality: when you StreetPass someone, any weapons they've unlocked that you haven't are added to a special shop. You'll still need to muster the funds to pick them up though, of course.

Heroes of Ruin is due for release next year.


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SwerdMurd said:

interesting....full-priced dungeon crawlers are becoming something of a luxury not worth the investment, but I'll keep my eyes open for this one



kdognumba1 said:

This game is shaping up VERY nicely! Is that online and voice chat I see on the side? Did they mention Borderlands like item randomization? Oh yes, gimme gimme!

I'm a online RPG junkie, have Phantasy Star Online to blame for that.... stupid dreamcast and your ultra awesome online experience that got me addicted to online gaming!



Kriedler said:

Just say "randomizer" and I'm sold instantly. It kept me going on Diablo forever, it'll probably get me into this



Wolfy-Boey said:

n-space have yet to disappoint, and this looks better and better everytime time I see it.



FonistofCruxis said:

This looks like its focusing a lot on the MMO aspect of the game and I'm not into MMORPGS so I don't think I'll get it.



TimeGuy said:

That sounds just fantastic. I'll definitely have to make sure that I have a 3DS by the time it comes out.



Burn said:

I'm really excited for this game, but I'm pretty sure there won't be 80,000 uniquely designed weapons. More like a couple dozen weapons with randomized stats, right?

@mariofanatic128 the game is an action-rpg, more like Diablo than World of Warcraft (if that makes any sense).



zionich said:

Cant come soon enough. I love fantasy RPG's with cosmetic changes for different gear. My own personal Barbie playhouse =)



FonistofCruxis said:

@Burn I don't really know much about Diablo but the reason I said that in post 9 is because, that was the impression i got from a preview I read and the story seems like a typically uninteresting MMORPG story. Also this may not be related to the MMO aspect but the areas and enemies look very bland and generic.



Tare said:

@ mariofanatic128
Diablo wasn't an MMO in today's sense. Sort of a get a few friends to connect to your dungeon and kill things, type game.

It left most of what to do up to the player. Open ended games, done right can be very enjoyable for hours.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Tare Thanks, this probably isn't my sort of game then. I prefer multi-player in an rpg like the Tales of series where the entire game isn't just doing quests. I don't mind if those sorts of quests are sidequests in a deeper game but if thats what the whole game is like then its not for me.



Henmii said:

"Heroes of Ruin Offers Over 80,000 Weapons to Loot"

What should a player do with so many game weapons?



motang said:

I had forgotten about this one, since it was announced pre-E3, need to keep an eye on it.

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