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Boost Your 3DS Battery with Hyperkin's Powerplus

Posted by James Newton

Squeeze more juice

The 3DS's battery life isn't the best around, but Hyperkin's newest accessory will keep the power light at the end of the tunnel on a little longer.

The 3DS Powerplus is a rechargeable 1800mAH battery pack that nearly doubles the console's battery life, slotting onto the console and charging via USB, and is available now for $24.99.

Will you be grabbing one to extend those all-important 3DS playing sessions?

Hyperkin announces the availability of the 3DS POWERPLUS at Retailers Nationwide for Nintendo® 3DS

Doubles Play Time with Additional 1800 mAH Battery Power in Sleek Form Fitting Design

Newport Beach, CA - July 19, 2011 - Hyperkin, a recognized and trusted brand of video game peripherals, today announced the availability of the 3DS Powerplus for the new Nintendo® 3DS handheld system at retailers nationwide. The 3DS Powerplus is a high-capacity, rechargeable battery pack for Nintendo 3DS that effectively doubles the battery life of the original 3DS battery with a convenient slide-in design.

"The 3DS Powerplus is an affordable and convenient way of extending the battery life of the 3DS when you're on the go," said Steven Mar, Hyperkin's Business Director. "Its sleek form factor and rubber coating make it incredibly comfortable to use over long periods of time."

The 3DS Powerplus is a compact and lightweight battery pack that can be charged via a standard USB port with the included USB cable. It also features an LED indicator that lets you know when your battery is charging and when it has finished. The 3DS Powerplus has an MSRP of $24.99.


· 1800 mHA
· Sleek, 1/4" Design
· Lightweight (2.2 Ounces)
· Battery LED Indicator
· Full Access to All 3DS Functions
· Improved Grip


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User Comments (31)



D33G said:

without 3D, it can last a long time. And since this is HUGE, I'll pass.



Birdman said:

I've never really had problems with my 3DS's battery life, so I'll pass on this.



Samholy said:

how does it compare to the nyko powerpak+ ? this one looks like a bulk.

i already installed the nyko one, and im more than pleased. it doesnt add too much weight. its not too large neither. the grip is comfy, much more than the original squared design.
not only it gives me more power, it makes the 3ds hold better and its texture is very soft and grippy. I doubt this one will be able to compete unless its power is MUCH better.

even there, the 3ds battery needed just that little perk, the nyko did it just for my gaming taste.



sykotek said:

This reminds, when does that Nyko "Knight Rider" looking case come out? My battery dies on me all the time!



Blaze said:

I already have a Powerpak + which doubles Battery Life, and it looks slightly less uglier than that, so definately a no for me!



sam322 said:

just turn off the 3D, i turn on the 3d when i want to see those nice 3d effects and most of the time i keep the 3d off



Justaguest said:

I never ever turn off 3d and ill always use it so this would be certain buy for me but i always play at home on my 3ds so i pass;]



triforceofcourage said:

Eh. I don't really need to be away from a charger long enough to kill it. So far I don't have much of a reason to play it anyways. Not getting OoT for another month.



Supremeist said:

If I ever have to suffer from my 3DS battery, I'll think about picking this up. But I never really did, so pass.



timp29 said:

I would have to see and hold one of these in my hand before I could decide. Weight and size are the two big issues.



komicturtle said:

Now, if only they sold a a 1800mAh battery or even a 2000mAh battery to replace the original. Hope it happens



StarDust4Ever said:

I saw the Nyko thingy in stores. Is it really safe to use on my 3DS? I get the impression that using one of these battery booster gadgets will void the warranty on my 3DS if I install it. Another issue too, while the Nyko battery extention is rated 4.2 Volts, the official 3DS battery (as well as nearly all Li-ion cells) is rated 3.7 Volts. The Nyko 4.2V super battery is more than the 3.7V 3DS battery and less than the 4.6V charger, so I potentionally see a problem there. I don't want to fry my 3DS...

So untill Nintendo releases an official battery extention for the 3DS (with the gold Ninteno seal on it), I'm not buying any of these gadgets. Call me square or whatever, but I just don't see it worth the $250 (+ eShop purchases) replacement cost.



Sh00kst3r said:

Off topic, but why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that Nintendo Video is now available in the States?



ZukutoBen said:

Is it available in Belfast if so which shops is it availabke in. Remember Nyko's battery pack anyone.



Samholy said:

it cant void the warantee as nintendo explains how to change your battery. this section can be opened no problems.
but i didnt find anything concerning third party products replacements.



alLabouTandroiD said:

triforceofcourage wrote:

Eh. I don't really need to be away from a charger long enough to kill it.

@17.StarDust: I'd look it up in the manual and if i wouldn't find an answer there contact Nintendo.

@19.Sh00kst3r: Hasn't anyone ?



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

I only have OoT right now along with my DSiware and 3DSware but I'm giving it a break after having it do a 8 hour gaming session with charging included.



lex0plex said:

Meh, the battery life of the 3DS is actually perfectly fine for how much and where I play the system. Love the charging dock!



jangonov said:

honestly, I have the power pak + and it works beautifully. The battery it's self is only $20 and does all that this can (looking less ugly at the same time, and also allows continued use of your original charge cable. I got the one with the charge dock ($30) but I can whole heartedly say it's worth it



winter123 said:

I use it for an hour, 3D all the way up, sound all the way up, brightness on 3/5, its still at all 4 bars after that. I don't see the complaints some people had on reviews.



czerwinski76 said:

quand ca sera vendu en France, prevenez moi ! / 100 $ of post price !
(when it's sold in France, tell me! / $ 100 price of post!)
please use English in your posts at Nintendo Life — TBD

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