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Dream Trigger 3D Brings Retro Shooting to 3DS

Posted by James Newton

First shots fired

Retro shooters are practically a genre unto themselves these days, with D3Publisher hoping to land the first big hit on 3DS with the upcoming Dream Trigger 3D.

Although the screenshots don't look up to much in 2D, the depth of field offered by the 3DS top screen should help to bring the graphics to life. Players must use sonar bombs to expose enemies before blowing them into multi-coloured bits to a dynamic multi-track musical score. It sounds like it could be worth a look when it launches in Spring 2011.

There's footage in the first gameplay trailer below, as well as Dream Trigger 3D screenshots in the gallery.

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Zach said:

Looks fun but I gotta say, I'm not very optimistic given D3Publisher's history. Still, I don't know how they are as a development studio, but they've published such stinkers as the Family Party games, Kidz Bop Dance Party and countless mediocre movie tie-ins. We'll see, though - I'm hopeful that they'll prove me wrong!



Pastry said:

Dang it! I thought this was a sequel to Chrono Trigger!

Anyway, shooting games aren't really for me, but I might pick it up if it snags some good reviews.



SwerdMurd said:

kinda ugly...

it's hard to concoct a gameplay video that shows less about how the actual game works than that one. I might as well have looked at 6 fuzzy screenshots.

Still D3 has published a few games I've really enjoyed. Dark Sector (PS3/360) was a ton of fun imo. I'll keep my eyes open--but games like this do not warrant 40 dollar price tags anymore.




LOOKS good BUT I'm sure this type of game could be implemented a lot better. The idea is wonderful, so i hope other devs take it on to produce this kind of game.



Mach-X said:

What is it with these stupid ads that have a bunch of crazy music and fireworks going off all over the place? I couldn't even get a glimpse of what the game is about! Do they believe us to be that stupid that flashy lights and loud music will convince us to buy this game?



pikku said:

Although I can't tell what the heck is going on in hat video, this actually looks pretty fun IMO.

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