So far on WiiWare we've had Heavy Fire: Special Operations and the upcoming Heavy Fire: Black Arms from Teyon, but the series is heading to retail in the form of Heavy Fire: Afghanistan.

Publisher Mastiff Games will be bringing the game Stateside, with the official description reading thus:

Enemy Contact. Open fire! Defend the base. Lock down the streets of the local town. Hunt down the enemy in the forests. Rescue the hostages from the caves. Sweep the enemies out of the mountains.

Fly in helicopters. Ride in tanks and trucks. Take it to the ground and get up close and personal with the enemy. Your objective is simple: Grab the biggest gun you can find, then knock out the enemy with your Heavy Fire!

The series is branching out to other platforms too, with Teyon releasing Heavy Fire: Afghanistan on Move and even getting in on the action on Xbox 360, with the button-less Heavy Fire: Afghanistan on Kinect.

It'll be interesting to see what Teyon achieves outside of the restrictive constraints of WiiWare.