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Dinkybox is the Toy Store You Always Dreamed of

Posted by Damien McFerran

A treasure-trove of toy-related goodness awaits

We don't mind admitting it – we're absolutely smitten with video game-related toys here at Nintendo Life. In our humble opinion, you can never have enough Mario and Sonic figures secreted around your home or office, so you can imagine how we feel when we feast our eyes on the smorgasbord of cute brilliance sitting on the virtual shelves of the Dinkybox online store.

Based in the UK, Dinkybox is the brainchild of Wil Overton (industry legend, former Rare employee and one of the chaps behind the brilliant Smart Bomb comic) and his wife Sue. The store is totally devoted to the retail of adorable toys, awesome gadgets and professional art supplies, and has stock of everything from Tron Kubricks to Lost bobble-heads.

Of course, with Overton himself being a hardcore Ninty fan (he used to work on the near-mythical UK SNES magazine Super Play) it should come as no great shock to discover that Dinkybox has a section devoted entirely to Kyoto's finest games company.

Much of Dinky's stock consists of rare Japanese imports and the prices are on exactly the right side of reasonable. What's more, they accept Paypal and are quite prepared to post to the four corners of the globe, so don't fret if you live outside of the British Isles. Give them your patronage with pride.


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Deviant_Mugen said:

Wow, they've got a great selection. It's too bad their Nintendo store is 99.9% Super Mario, and that the other .1% doesn't include anything Metroid...



shinesprite said:

I've actually seen the red and green mushroom candy tins at the local World Market Imports. I also believe I've seen some of the Mario vinyal figures somewhere before. (The Luigi one is part of the NA 2010 Club Nintendo platinum prize.) as for the Mario/Zelda trading cards:FAIL!

I also remember seeing Mega Man action figures at the local CVS.



Colors said:

Dang it! I want those dragon quest crystal cubes but I can't order form the UK.



kurtasbestos said:

This seems like as good a place as any to ask: if I have a bunch of game-related junk like this, how can I get rid of it???



Wolfenstein83 said:

Hehehe...dinky box...what a funny name. (sorry for my childish humor)
I think I should go check it out!



nmozdzier said:

But I wish they had a set of Pokemon Gym Badges, with a case, or maybe the Pokemon Contest Ribbons (whatever May participated in)



MeloMan said:

My boy Toad in my fav kart for him. That pic alone makes me want that figurine.



Damo said:

They ship to Europe and North America, but as Mario Party Fan has pointed out, they don't post to Down Under.



Raylax said:

Funny that mass-produced mostly worthless plastic tat gets people all excited when it bears a resemblance to a video game character.

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