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Sega Announces PAL Region Release Dates for Conduit 2

Posted by Trevor Chan

New weapons trailer to check out too

Eurocom made sure 2010 went out with a bang by chipping in with its Wii version of GoldenEye 007, securing itself as one of the top first-person shooters on the console. High Voltage Software has yet to release its upcoming shooter though, but at least the dates have been set as to when gamers can get their hands on the anticipated sequel to 2009's The Conduit.

It's not long before North American gamers will be getting Conduit 2 on 15th February, but Sega has also just announced that PAL regions won't be twiddling their thumbs for too long neither before the game reaches their respective shores. Trailing by not much more than a month, Australia will be getting the game on 17th March, whilst Europe will receive the game a day later on 18th March.

So with only a couple of months until we see how new features like the co-operative Team Invasion Mode has been implemented, enjoy the latest trailer below which takes a look at the weapons that will be at your disposal. Lock and load.

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NintendoMike said:

Yeah, the American release date was changed from February 15 to March 22. A little disappointing since it will released around the same time as the 3DS, which is going to break my wallet. Aside from that, great-looking game!



RedYoshi999 said:

So Australia's getting it first then? Wow thats quite amazing. Too bad I need to save up for a 3DS that is coming in March too.



JimLad said:

AUWWW Dangit thought it was coming in Feb, that's annoying.
Well at least Kirby still comes out next month. :]



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Nevermind that's just invisibility on, though you'd think someone would panic when attacked by an unseen enemy.



pikku said:

Honestly Goldneye's graphics look much better, but this still looks pretty fun imo.



irken004 said:

Stealth! F$%^ yeah! Love being sneaky in games I need to finish up my preorder for the GameStop special edition.



Chrono_Cross said:

This game keeps looking better and better. And the Widowmaker Turret couldn't be any funnier.



Sean_Aaron said:

GAME still says February; in fact they originally sent me a notice that it was delayed to April and then a day later put it back to Feb again - sure the news isn't reversed and Europe is actually getting the game first (for a change)?

Either way at least the Headbanger will be available by the time it does; supposedly Argos will have them by the end of January along with and possibly Amazon and GAME's online shop. Get in!



JakobG said:

Kind of a bad date, with the 3DS coming out.
I hoped for a launch in February, but oh well.



MeloMan said:

Some of the guns make me think of Perfect Dark's weapons. I saw some CMP150 auto targeting, some Laptop gun action, and the proxy mines used to give stealth... I don't mind a little plagarism, especially if it's one of my all time favorite games. These weapons alone should make multiplayer a little more interesting.



Martijzzzz said:

What shall I do? Shall i import the USA version or wait for the EU version where posiblity will sproken English and in the USA to... I think I import the USA version, what shall you do?



Pod said:

This game seems like it's aiming to be the Perfect Dark of the Wii.

Some of the guns are quite reminiscent, and it's about a special government agent thwarting a conspiracy involving aliens.

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