Eurocom made sure 2010 went out with a bang by chipping in with its Wii version of GoldenEye 007, securing itself as one of the top first-person shooters on the console. High Voltage Software has yet to release its upcoming shooter though, but at least the dates have been set as to when gamers can get their hands on the anticipated sequel to 2009's The Conduit.

It's not long before North American gamers will be getting Conduit 2 on 15th February, but Sega has also just announced that PAL regions won't be twiddling their thumbs for too long neither before the game reaches their respective shores. Trailing by not much more than a month, Australia will be getting the game on 17th March, whilst Europe will receive the game a day later on 18th March.

So with only a couple of months until we see how new features like the co-operative Team Invasion Mode has been implemented, enjoy the latest trailer below which takes a look at the weapons that will be at your disposal. Lock and load.